Dave Scadden vs Watermaster

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Which Boat is better?

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  1. Watermaster Kodiak

  2. Dave Scadden Rampage

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  2. No. And James knows this. Friends? I am friends with many here that I have never met. Yes I consider Dave a friend in that I like him, not that I spend time with him as I do not. No, I am not related.
    What did any of this have to do with me asking what parts were missing?

  3. Have you ever worked for him?

    It has nothing to do with you asking what parts were missing. It has everything to do with the credibility of what you type on this forum about Dave's boats!
  4. 20 years ago I was hired to work in his fishing shop Angler's Inn. I hardly knew him and just wanted to work in a fly shop. I broke my leg and it never happened. Since, then the only dealings is at tying expos which is generally when I buy a new boat.
    What credibility do I have that any one else here that owns NFO doesn't have?
    Like them, I just have hands on info.
  5. Well first off you have a reason to defend him.... Second... You can probably walk right into the factory and get what you need since you are not that far. Third.... he'll give you better service because he at least know who are.

    Basically your experience with him isn't from you ordering online or over the phone and seeing what comes in the mail. My guess is you as a customer (or someone who knows him) walk into his office... shake his hand.... talk for a little bit... walk into the back... select your boat... Load up all your ne gear and leave to go home.... knowing all the right things are there.... If you have a problem you go to the factory and pick up your part.... and you are a happy customer.

    Now for the regular customer... you call or order on-line... They put your gear in a box... and lets just give him the benefit of the doubt that he gets 9 out of 10 orders correct.... You get shipped a box with all your gear.... crap it has the wrong oars... well you call him up... he says he'll get them right out.... 2 weeks pass you call again... he apologizes and says he'll get them out.... you call again... he doesn't answer cause he knows he doesn't have the part in the back... a month passes you still don't have the parts you need to go fish..... you call again... he says he'll fix the problem.... another month passes... you call again and he apologizes.... fishing season is over.... FML :(

    So lets compare the two experience. Is your experience equal to the average customer.... NO... NOT AT ALL! Thus your info is credible (sorry for saying it wasn't).. It is for sure credible.... Just not what the average customer will experience. Thus making everything you say about Dave Scadden and his boats meaningless to the 99.5% of people who purchase his boats!
  6. Okay. I order like everyone else. I have been to his office maybe 3 times. It is all done on the phone or email.
  7. Sure you do!
  8. So you are saying I'm lying? Nice.
  9. I just think that due to the fact that you have been associated with him in some way in the past.... that your opinion shouldn't really factor because you have received some sort of special treatment.
  10. Really! Good to know.
  11. This is gone to far as far as I am concerned it is obvious that some have a great or good experience and some don't and that applies to anything in life. To carry a thread this far is a joke. I thinks it's about time this thread is closed as it went personal a long time ago.
    Just my 2 cents. :) :mad: Take your pick.
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  12. I agree me giving a review on the water masters I purchased is apparently a bad idea. Because the Scadden group wanted to proceed to tell me why Scaddens are the way to go... Kinda pissed me off. Time to let it go.

    (but I think this thread is useful for people in the future trying to decide between the two companies)
  13. Absolutely .
  14. You are correct. Now they have both sides of the discussion. Enough has been said.
  15. Yes he came from just down the road from me. Taught me a lot.
  16. I wonder why i got treated so well??
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  17. Blue this guy is a kid, I wouldn't let him bother me if I were you. I will not respond to any more of his posts.
  18. Huh !!
  19. Thanks... Ill be a kid any time... Means I have more energy to catch more fish! :)
  20. Blue- I hear you are in scadden's videos? I guess he just puts random people in those.

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