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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Mickyfinn, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. IMG_2954.jpg IMGP4772.JPG IMGP4775.JPG Got a chance on Thursday to bug out with my youngest son to a KIttitas county lake looking too
    have a possible trout slam. But alas only the rainbows were willing to come out and play. Nothing like
    spending some quality time with your teenage son in in a beautiful setting though. Cold, clear water
    Dark green or black buggers did the trick!
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  2. Always nice to get out middle of week, especially with your son. That place looks relaxing.

  3. Chartreuse worked very well for me in that lake last week. Got tons of rainbows and a couple browns at the south end.
  4. Nice! What lake is that?
  5. I Think I sent you a pm, bit new to this.
  6. Nice report and pics; Looks like a fun little lake!
  7. My son and I camped there over the weekend, all rainbows, one brown. Emergers were the ticket for us. Notice you have two pontoons. How do you haul them?
  8. Trailer is 8 x 5 $650.00 @ Lowes Had to do some mods, plus grind off alot of sharp edges and repaint
    but we knew that when we bought it.


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