DB trailer from Oregon, no title, licensing in WA

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  1. So, finally pulled the trigger on an older clackacraft and in my excitement failed to realize the boat trailer was never registered and licensed in Washington.

    Have a title for the boat but owner had no title for the trailer. Boat and trailers original owner (I am the 3rd) registered the boat in Oregon. Guessing (and reaching out to the owner I bought the boat from) when the second owner boat it he didn't receive a title for the trailer (I asked if he had one and did not, only for the boat).

    All that said, did research and guess in Oregon a light trailer doesn't require a title. I have to imagine trailers are sold to wa people that later need to license them. But can't figure out how I go about doing this. Dol lists a title required. Bill of sale doesn't appear to be enough.

    Anyone run into this before and figured out how to license a non titled trailer from Oregon in Washington?

    Still have the tag on it and might see if in the total off chance Baker or clacka have a record of the original sale....
  2. Yes, contact washington state patrol. You need to setup an appointment to have a new vin stamped and new paperwork done up in wa. Be prepared to pay some taxes. And have atleast a couple week wait.
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  3. this like all other bureaucratic problems and red tape....you just pay the money to the right official and your problems go away, just like in Mexico. I also have a trailer from other states that don't require a title.....I now have 3 VIN numbers stamped on the tongue, they never check to see if it is stolen but I am safer! The boats titles are more of a joke, when you have a boat stolen, the sheriff calls you every year to ask if you have turned it in to your insurance.....once he receives a YES, they cross it off their list and don't check anymore. The titles don't mean anything, they are just a tax........
  4. I had to do this too, with Oregon trailer here in Mt. In my case the trailer needed work, so I put a new tough on it. I then asked for a home made trailer title. Put the vin # on it, cop inspection, and pay money, done.
  5. 3 year wait for title in doubt :(
  6. That is what I'm experiencing at present with 2 years to go.
  7. They give you a registration for the three years but not a WA title. My brother is going through the same thing right now. He bought a Drift Boat in Oregon but got only a bill of sale. He had to get an appointment and temp trip permit to take it down for inspection. They gave him a registration and plate for it. That's all you need unless you want to sell it in the first three years.
  8. Thanks guys. Talk about a pain in the rear. Guess getting the boat out on the water will have to wait a little bit :(

    Quick follow up - I read on the .gov/wsp site that for private sales require a bill of sale to be signed in front of a notary public - this seems freaking rediculous (although this whole process is... so...) has anyone had that experience? I wrote up a bill of sale that included all of the boat information from the title as well as all of the trailer information (from it's manufactures tag) and had him sign it. The bill of sale on the .gov site doesn't really 'fit' a trailer (it has no vin, is not a vessel or vehicle...).

    Guess I can't complain too much about the whole thing. In the end, got a good deal on a boat package that is in amazing shape for being almost 20 years old.

    Now the question... do I risk it and take it a few miles away and put the boat out on the lake to get practicing rowing.
  9. Notary seals are required for lots of stuff like this. You might be able to find a notary willing to attach a seal via a phone conversation with the prior owner, but unless you're friends I wouldn't hold my breath. And it's not ridiculous. The Notary's seal is a huge protection against people selling stolen property. I sold a car a few years ago to a friend and happily paid a notary a few bucks. Put yourself in the position of the state- you walk into the DOL with a hand written bill of sale for something from another state that has never been titled. I guarantee you'll get a funny look from the clerk.

    And yes, the whole thing's a pain in the ass.
  10. Blake is right. My story with an old Koffler was the exact same. Made an apt with WSP office, they inspected and gave me a new VIN, and the off to dol for license and tabs. A bit of leg work but not bad.

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  11. WA DOL now requires a certified dry weight of your trailer. I jast went through this, i had to pull by drifter off the trailer and take it to the scales to be weighed. The letter i got from Adams (the manufaturer) was not suffiecient. It took me 4 trips to the licensing place before I had everything I needed, apparently they forgot to tell me other stuff on prior trips, so more hoops to jump on each trip.
  12. Well joy, just got back from the DOL to get the title on the boat taken care of. Darn sales tax money grab. But the boat title is at least squared away.

    Trailer - WHOLE 'nother story. So I have a bill of sale that I wrote up (typed, with all the information from the boat title and trailer manufactures tag) and had the seller sign. I've got that and the lady at the Issaquah licensing office said it 'should' be sufficient. Of course she gave me a bill of sale (the darn vehicle/vessel one that hardly anything would get filled out in) and said it's easier to fill that out. Sure, it would be if I hadn't already bought it and had to coordinate with the seller.

    And yes, trailer must be weighed and inspected. Apparently I also need a special use permit that day (money grab PITA!) to legally drive it to the scale and inspection. If it was just the scale I'd possibly risk it, backroads. But going to the WSP when they know you need it is inviting trouble.
    Finally - Bellevue inspections are booked 60 days out. I won't be able to tow the boat (aka use it) until October at this rate.

    Thought about calling other 'nearby' inspection offices (Marysville, Burlington, Bellingham) but they are closed today ... so not sure how far out their inspections are. But not holding my breath.

    Lesson learned - ugh.
  13. look into private certified scales along I-5 or around town, do a google search. Most heavy machinery and semi truck repair places have certified scales. it costs to go there, but less than a trip permit and no waiting, at least in my case.
  14. Yeah - I have several near me actually - CADMAN in Redmond is 10 minutes away and not on any super major roads.

    That said, still 'should' have the trip permit to it to the WSP inspection.

    Shortest lead time I've found so far is Tacoma - 30 days. Better than 60, but still stinks. Going to call Marysville/Mount Vernon/Bellingham tomorrow and see what their lead times are...

    Guess I probably need to wire up a license plate light too - trailer doesn't have one and don't need anything for them to blink at when I finally do get an inspection.

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