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  1. Anyone have any insight they would like to share? Ill buy ya a beer or three so I can pick your brain, I want to get the ball rolling and start making moves in the right direction to make it happen in the next couple summers... PMs welcome

  2. Quickly while i have a moment... I'm mostly interested in your raft setup, and logistics of travel/float as well as any tips on the permit process. I've been sniffing around the lodges via email and I'm not sure that's the right call for me personally. Anyways my limited google searching hasn't turned up much except trip reports and the like. Thanks.
  3. I would really like to do this trip as well. My preliminary research shows there are three types of anglers fishing the Dean; 1) with a guide, 2) DIY where you get dropped off for a week and basically fish the same run or two the entire time, and 3) DIY where you get dropped off up river and float down to the take out spot where a pre-arranged flight picks you up. I really don't want to fish one run for an entire week and am not looking to have my hand held by a guide for a week so the third option makes the most sense to me. I'm working on getting some lightweight boats that can be flown in and rowed down for a future trip. I know there are others on the board who have done this trip and can offer much better advice than I did.

  4. If anyone wants to do the fly in row down thing - drop me a PM. I'm game!
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  6. Although kayaking may be fun, there is no steelhead fishing up that far and leads to DD's comment about the regulations. That is certainly something to consider as it is by permit only, Class 1 waters I believe.
  7. I belive the draw for the Dean covers the most famous section. If your not from BC, you'd have to win to DIY fish it. With a guide you could buy a class 1 and fish with the guide. But I am no expert, never been there.
  8. i've done option 2 and there is far more than one or two runs you can fish. while the floating end of things is ideal, there's something to be said about having a set camp and just fishing hard and becoming familiar with some great water over 8 days, just stopping to eat, sleep, and s#$%.

    we hit it on a down year and everyone was bitchin' about the fishing... i rose 5 fish the first day so a bad year up there is pretty amazing.
  9. Thanks for the PM's and replies. I have a lot to work with, really appreciate it. The beer offer still stands to anyone who has first hand DIY float experience I'd like to pick your brain a bit. But I guess the first step is simply entering the dean river draw and work from there.
  10. Those fish get farther up the hill than you think they do, and there's no way in fook I was remotely serious. Check the link I provided, you'd need to be a world class kayaker to even think about dropping in that flow above the second canyon.
  11. Chris, I am sure there are more than one or two runs to fish during the week but the guys that I talked to said that was all they did; meaning they camped at one spot and basically fished a couple runs that they could access from camp. While you would certainly get intimately familiar with a couple of runs after fishing them for a week, my personal preference would be to explore, especially the first time. It would drive me crazy not to what what runs lied below me if I did not have access to them.

    Constucteur, certainly those fish go past the fishing deadline, not disputing that at all.
  12. TheWaker has done it a number of times, he and a few buddies used to fly a sled in there. Don't know if it would still work with the new classified waters rules but it was a pretty incredible experience from what I've heard.

    Here's a link to the first of a 5 or 6 part trip report on his blog, make sure to try and read the whole thing!
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  13. Here are my brief comments:

    1) whatever it takes for you to go, make it happen. That is the most unbelievable place ever, it haunts me each year thinking I could be back up there.

    2) it's a gnarly river in some areas so be prepared!

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  14. I just returned from our first DIY float on the Dean. It was a life affirming experience. Wow.

    Feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to share my thoughts on logistics over a beer or phone.

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  15. Sean,

    I did it DIY last summer and am going again next month. It's only a little bit complicated. Stepwise it goes something like this:
    1. enter the Dean River draw with a couple friends to get a date.
    2. buy B.C. non-res license and steelhead license = $147.00
    3. arrange flight in/out with W.C. Helicopters
    4. buy 8 days classified waters license = $320
    5. show up at WCH at your appointed time (extremely long 1-day drive, very comfortable 2-day drive. Know your total wt. before you get there; they will weigh you and ALL your gear.
    6. enjoy the stunning flight in over 6,000' passes
    7. make camp, inflate Watermaster or whatever.
    8. It's a short float, only 20 or 22 mi., so take your time, camp 2 nights/spot approx.
    9. pack up your gear for flight out at head of old Motel run at top of lower canyon, and cry, because you'll miss it.
    10. Expect some class III water; it was intimidating to me. Walk raft around 4 sharp corners with log jams on outside bends, etc.; it's wilderness; don't take unnecessary chances.
    11. hang your food or bears will enjoy it and you will go hungry.
    12. bury your poo; you're not the only group floating the river.
    13. the lighter your load, the more Scotch and wine you can take.
    14. I just tried Downtown Brown by Lost Coast Brewery; would love to have more.

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  16. I am trying so hard to figure out what DIY means but I am clearly a noob. The best I can come up with is drift it yourself.
  17. It means Do-It-Yourself but drift it yourself pretty much sums it up.

  18. Well I was close. Thanks anyway.
  19. If you ever make it to Eureka, try it at the brewery with their warm homemade bread pudding with real caramel. Disgustingly decadent..

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