Dear Fly Shops... the upsell

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  1. Dear Fly Shops,

    I've had enough. I want to like you, I want to support small local businesses...but seriously.

    One shop sold me a rod on sale and then called me back that night to tell me that they made a mistake and I need to either bring the rod back or pay them the $114 dollar difference.

    Then I do a bunch of research on flylines and head to a different shop only to endure 30 minutes of watching the poor guy struggle to get the backing and line on my spool while the other guy tries to upsell me on everything in the shop and trashes all the gear I currently use...

    Since he "bought a Lampson reel he hasn't lost a Coho. This Redington is going to fail", "Best not try for Chums with a 6wt, you'll regret it... or Coho for that matter." "How dare you land a 10lb Coho on an old patched up 5wt! Have you no respect!?" (I exaggerated that one a bit).

    If any of you out there work at shops please think about how you interact with your customers. A few great interactions and you have a loyal customer. A few bad ones and I'm driving a few extra hours or heading to Amazon.


  2. Did you take the rod back or pay them the additional $114.00? Of course, it's up to you but you don't need to do either. You had a verbal contract with the fly shop for the price and all aspects of the contract were met: you paid them what they asked for the product.

    If they made a mistake, that is not your problem.

    $$$ mistakes made in your favor by financial institutions is another story.

    It seems like just about everywhere is trying to upsell something these days. I pay no attention because I normally know what I want before I purchase a product.
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  3. Orvis, and Puget sound fly Co are the only two shops I have been to. I really don't need to go anywhere else because there service is stellar.
  4. Puget Sound Fly Co. The guys in there are fish ninjas. Best fly shop around hands down!!!
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  5. That comment the sales perp made about not losing a Coho since he got a Lamson reel is definitely over the top. That is just mere luck on his part, not attributable to the reel, IMHO.

    I can't even remember a time when the fly reel or a disc drag made a difference in my ability to land a fish. In fact, have played and landed 90% my best fly caught fish on my cheap 1594RC Medalist.

    I can blame one lost steelhead on a crummy spinning reel drag, though. That was back in '64 when I was still working on my basic fish landing skills.
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  6. I returned the rod. I thought it would afford me some good Karma and that the owner of the shop would feel obligated to make up for the mistake...for that I was mistaken. Oh well. I did find the previous version of the rod online for quite a bit less.
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  7. Haha seriously. You'll love this. The exact reason was because of the extra large arbor size that allowed him to reel faster when the fish made a run in his direction! I think I just stared at him blankly.
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  8. No good deed goes unpunished :) At least you saved some cash by buying elsewhere.
  9. I landed a big Chum on a 5wt. I was using a GL3 and fishing for Sea Run Cutts on the Skagit. It put a nice bend in the rod. The reel I was using was a Adventure 5. It held the fish quite nicely.

    Now I wouldn't normally fish for Chums with a 5wt so what I was fishing with at the time worked.
  10. What shops did you go to?

    Also I can attest to having a 5wt wrecked by a chum while cuttie fishing, and having a 6wt I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight of destroyed by hooking\landing a 15lb king while fishing for summer steel\cutts this year so there is some truth to that (unless you are the manufacturer currently repairing my rod, then I do not know why it was separating like that...) :\
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  11. there's good and bad service, but there is far too much bro-brah BS in the fly fishing industry that leads to some of this overinflated sense of knowledge in many people. i have never understood the inability of people to say "i don't know, but let me find someone who can help you." there are far too many fisheries in just washington state to be an expert or experienced in every one. knots and fishing knowledge can be taught, but humility and interest in your customers is something you either have or not.

    of course, sometimes customers really do need tough love when they bring in absolute garbage equipment thinking a new line will help their casting when they are trying to match it to a thrift store special that is total junk.

    and there is always two sides to every story... maybe it took thirty minutes because your spool was rusted on and removing the backing took longer because of all the knots in it ;)... or he just didn't know shart. i've unwound some lines and seen some god-awful connections put on by shop employees.

    i was wondering why my landing ratio was so good on coho this past june and july... must have been the new lamson speedster :D
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  12. I would KILL to watch a guy try to reel in a silver that was making a hard run at him. It would make for a good laugh!
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  13. Absolutely. Every story worth telling has a couple sides to it.

    It was a brand new spool and I was happy to wait. He seemed like a nice guy. The rod mishap was bad communication and the lack of a price tag. And yes maybe a 6wt Redington CPX with a surge reel is going to come to ruin by monster cohos and chums... Regardless. When I do blow up my rod and burn up my reel I won't be driving back their direction to purchase an upgrade.

  14. Ha... I have lost some large trout here in CO, by trying to do that rather then stripping, and that's WITH a LA reel... Ha... I have two fly shops here in CO that I go to regularly, but I only buy certain things from them. But when I can save 25% on fly lines by purchasing them online, I will do it. Don't get me wrong, I am all about supporting local businesses, but only to a certain extent.

    I am also a demanding customer. I usually only shop in person, not online, if I am in immediate need of something, or if I just want it badly. If I am judged by my gear that I own by someone that works a a shop, you're NOT going to like what comes out of my mouth next.

    I was at a shop once in MT, the "owner" of this shop literally started yelling at me because he saw my NRS raft. I get buying US made items if you can. But, seriously, yelling, YELLING!!! at a potential customer because you think I am committing a felony by buying a foreign made raft, bend over and let me shove that stick further up your... Needless to say I put back the items that I was about to purchase and left, their loss.
  15. 6 wt for PS coho all it.
  16. Just remember, not all fly shops are created equal.
  17. Next time you need something that requires service, drive the extra distance to Puget Sound Fly Co. I'm assuming from past experience that's not where you were disappointed. Tell them to put the bridge toll on my account. The first time.
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  18. True story.

    The fly shop nearest me just isn't my speed. It seems lots of people love it and I do go there occasionally, but I don't feel bad about not being am ardent supporter. There are shops elsewhere that I would spend a lot of time at if I were closer.
  19. Jered, I see you live in my neck of the woods so I hope you didn't have your less-than-stellar experience at the shops I'm going to list.

    I've always had wonderful friendly service from the small shop closest to me, Peninsula Outfitters and also from the folks at Gig Harbor Fly Shop when I stop in occasionally during my travels to-and-from Tacoma. In my experience both shops have been great and I can't recommend them highly enough.

    I've only once been in Puget Sound Fly Co. but the sales people were very open and friendly.

    For a larger, chain-type store I've enjoyed shopping at the Silverdale Sportsman's Warehouse. It's the closest outdoor store to my home and I do pick up a fair bit of tying material there. I also enjoy shootin' the breeze with Mr. Mercer when he's workin'!

    I used to operate a marina and tackle store and I don't think I'd ever consider calling up a customer and telling that person that a mistake was made in the sale of a product and that the customer should come back and cough up the difference!

    Anyone in retail knows the old adage about if a customer has a great experience in your store they might tell 2 or 3 friends about it but if they had a bad experience they'll let everyone know!!
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  20. Thanks Don, It wasn't Puget Sound Fly Co. I've heard (from the ardent supporters on this thread!) that it's worth the drive.

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