Dear Fly Shops... the upsell

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jered, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. I would consider myself fortunate to even enjoy the luxury of having an actual fly shop here in Kamloops .
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  2. If you havent already you should call the fly shops in question and talk to the owner and tell them about your experiences (or email them) and see what kind of feedback you get.

    The whole 114 dollar mistake and the impression you got to pay or bring the rod back is kind of odd, if someone I had never done business with before called me and nicely explained the situation I would have no problem paying up but the way you word it seems like you felt it was more than a simple mistake.
  3. Not to hijack this thread but that's a great Idea Don.
    I'll try to do you one better: Anyone who visits our shop for the first time and has to pay the bridge toll, we will pay it for you.
    -No purchase necessary
    -Come check us out.
    Anil Srivastava,
    Puget Sound Fly Co.
  4. The reel doesn't matter, Unless we're talkin about pre war J.w. youngs or hardys, even then its really only about the cool factor!!!!
  5. Puget Sound Fly Co is a solid example of what every fly shop should be and can vouch for all of the said positive comments.

    I have experienced very poor service at various fly shops in the past and even though these shops were in my local area, I purchased my merchandise online or from Cabelas. I have no issue doing this if I have had a bad experience. It's amazing to me to see how some shops will bend over backwards to order tying materials and other gear for you while some shops promise to have it and then never do. I can have that item on my doorstep in less than 5 business days so don't over promise and under deliver.

    With all that being said, I can count on only one hand the number of bad fly shops that I have encountered and most of those no longer exist today.
  6. Now let that be a lesson to you for not having gone to Cabela's first... :D.
  7. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Many fly shops are having tough times and poor customer service is not going to help a shop thrive, that's for sure.

    It makes me wonder though who sold you the rod - the owner or an employee - and who called you with instructions to bring it back. If it was one of the too-full-of-himself shop rats, my guess is he was trying to avoid being found out and getting his butt chewed by the owner. If that is the case, I would call the owner and let him know what happened, as well as your overall experience with his staff. I would certainly want to know if I were him. Then, he can decide if he needs to do more training or issue pink slips. If it was the owner, well, there are other shops. I'd take Anil up on his offer.
  8. Last time I was there, I visited a fly shop, what happened to it?
  9. Ron shut his doors a few months ago . We do have a Wholesale Sports , but you get the standard big box selection , with the standard big box staff cluelessness .
  10. I have been behind the counter at a particular fly shop in Ellensburg numerous times over the past 8 years and I'm amazed at the knowledge some customers have, particularly with fly tying materials. While I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on fishery issues, locations, timing, and bugs, fly tying is not my specialty and I learn a lot from some folks while behind the counter.

    If anybody feels they have ever been treated poorly by me, I'd like to know about it and make it up to you. While casting, reading water, knots, and fly tying skills can be learned, there really is no excuse for consistently being unfriendly, inconsiderate and rude.

    Tommy Lee Jones sums up my feelings portraying Woodrow F. Call when he said "I hate rude behavior in a man, I won't tolerate it".

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  11. Whining about fly shop service on the internet doesn't do you or the shops involved any favors. If you got a beef, bring it up with management.
  12. "lighten up Francis" he was sharing a life experience.
  13. "Lighten up Francis" he was just sharing his logical opinion on an open debate.

    I just love the "Lighten Up" argument. As soon as you use it you likely need it yourself. :)
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  14. ...and surly bartenders. ;)
  15. They're probably trying to clear our discontinues Lameson models (I think the Velocity is no more...was gone of the webstie and I bought one on clearance). But weak as shit to be sure.

    If things are so tight that a shop has to call me over a $114 mistake, I admit I'd probably bring it back and that would be that. I'd shop elsewhere after that.
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  16. Francis,

    I agree. The owner of the shop was involved with the rod incident. I further expressed my disappointment via email and received and half way apology and excuse for the mishap.

    However, whining on the internet has covered the toll cost for my next trip to Tacoma. ;)

  17. Absolutely, but that was Robert Duvall, portraying Augustus Mcrae. He laid a hurtin' on the bartender though.
  18. I bought my current go to rod for $189. A week later the same rod went on sale for$69 at the same fly shop. My next visit, I mentioned this. They told me to produce a receipt and it would be taken care of. As luck would have it, the receipt was at home, not in my truck. When I next made it over I produced said receipt, but was told the return policy was expired. I didn't bitch, it was my fault. I Got Got. My fault. I still go there. It's not their fault I'm a easy sell.
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  19. isn't trout waters in kamloops???

  20. Had a similar experience when I bought my XP, and then it discontinued five days later. I didn't try to return the rod, but mentioned it to the owner. He gave me the difference of the close out price in store credit. Worked great for me.

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