Dear Fly Shops... the upsell

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  1. I wish . Nick and Savas run a great shop .
    But it`s in Kelowna .
  2. Two things I learned a long time ago: Timing is everything and if you wait long enough, everything will go on sale at some point. It doesn't hurt to ask but shop ownwers are not under any requirement to make up for bad timing. Those that do or will are exceptional and that's why they are still in business and we patronize them. Good on Anil for his offer to pay your toll. That's real customer service.
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  3. Dahhh....yeah met Savas this time up north..met Nick up there before...those guys have saved my butt on stuff for my scadden..that didn't come through from him...great guys!!!
  4. I'm not real impressed by a shop calling you up and asking for another $114, but I don't think anyone that fly fishes would recommend using a 5 wt on Cohos or a 6 wt on Chums, even if they weren't in the market to sell you something. Can you land fish on an under gunned rod, sure, but when you have the chance of hooking wild fish you should be using the right tool for the job so you don't kill the fish trying to land it. My two cents
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  5. As if Anil and Puget Sound Fly Company, don't need any more positive feedback on this thread. I will throw my vote in for them as well.

    A few years ago I had some issues with a major manufacturer in the fly fishing industry. Well it was more with someone low in the shop. Now even though I did not buy the product from Anil, he went out of his way to give me names and emails to people who could help me.

    After doing that small act of selflessness, Anil earned not only my respect, but my business.
  6. that's right, and while we're at it, down with all negative reviews of everything. consumers should only share their positive experiences with each other - oh, unless it's a negative review of someone evil, like say, costco or cabelas. that's different. specialty retailers should not be held to the same standards or have to endure the same market forces that large corporate operations do. that wouldn't be fair, and it wouldn't do them any favors. and in this economic system, if you can't compete on your own skills and merits, you certainly deserve to get, not just business, but also favors, from your customers.
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  7. After trying to solve an issue directly with the shop, without desirable results. Contact your credit card company and the BBB. If you have taken a mature path in resolving the issue with any retailer (specialty, small, large, whatever) they're fair game in posting a factual, detailed, and objective report about your experience, thus providing fellow consumers with information that could impact them. I had a bridal shop try to burn me on a tuxedo rental, well rather than call it a day and refund $30 of $120, (gave them an out) they told me to pound sand. Ohhh boy did I drag them through the mud in every possible avenue possible. I applaud Jered for not throwing their name out their, immediately off the bat. Karma does speak a lot, was in a fly shop and I noticed they undercharged me by $100 on a sizable purchase, went back in and squared up with them. Resultant was a pretty spectacular trip.
  8. I agree with Kcahill that the way the OP reads it seems like Jered felt it was more than a simple mistake. And this sounds a lot different than finding out my rod went on sale a week later, or discovering that I was not charged for something (I ask at check-out or go back without being asked and even wait in line again when I think that's happened).
  9. D- if you want a shopping subforum, ask the mods for it.

    Jered didn't take offense, the advice was blunt and paternal, 5 of Jered's first 25 posts were about flyshop experiences. You and I have been around long enough to have seen folks complain about specific people and shops only to be called out later with the other side of the story. In general that public "he said she said" stuff doesn't make anyone look good. That's all my point was.

    Personally I'd love to see more posts about 10lb coho busting 5 weight rods.
  10. well said, i can agree with all of that. sorry, i read you the wrong way.

  11. For what it is worth, I was with Jered and his wife the day that he landed that Coho on his five weight rod. It is an uncommonly solid and strong rod for that 5 weight designation, and in casting it the rod felt more like a heavy six weight to me. It is a rod that he built himself some years ago. Whatever blank that he used was plenty of rod for that fish. And a repair to the butt section of that rod had made it stronger than usual as well. He used 10 pound test tippet too, so it was no great over stress on this fish to play and land it, in a few minutes, which he did with moderation and minimal stress to the fish, that swam off in a flash. Generally I do agree with the comment that one should "use enough gun" in the pursuit of any fish, especially when catch & release fishing. In this case I was there, and it was an appropriate rod for the task at hand.
  12. Thanks Bob! I think about that fish every day! Hope she's making her way home.

    This has become an interesting thread. I knew when I started it that I was opening myself up for criticism, but that really hasn't been the focus. I never would have imagined Tommy Lee Jones would make an appearance! That was something else. It's also interesting to see how willing people are to stand up for a shop when they find a good one. I'll probably never afford all the "right" gear but I can appreciate the desire not to harm a fish.

    I'm happy to put this one to rest and get back to fishing, and fishing talk. Thank you all for your thoughts and contributions to the conversation.
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