Deep Water Chironomid/What You Like to Hang Deep Under an Indicator Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. CLOSED!

    These bugs need to be tied with weight (I prefer tungsten bead heads, but that's just me), and proven patterns would be nice. Up to 12 tiers, you could tie 11 of one pattern and 11 of another pattern or you could just tie up 22 of the same pattern.

    Once we have enough tiers, I'll set a due date and send out my address.

    1. Irafly. Done
    2. WABOMAN Done
    3. dbk Done
    4. Jeff Dodd Done
    5. Nailbender Done
    6. Caveman. Done
    7. Fishingcheftim. Done
    8. Nick Clayton Done
    9. troutpocket Done
    10. Brian Thomas In the mail
    11. Chris Lum Done
    12. Mike Ediger Done
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  2. Im in!
  3. Count me in too.....
  4. Ira, sounds great - count me in.
  5. I want in too. We remet (new word) today at the lake (green boat)

  6. Sounds good count me in.

  7. I like the idea of this swap, sign me up.

  8. Ok, ok! I was gonna sit this one out . . .but I'm on a tying kick anyway so what's 22 more bugs :) ?

    If it makes any difference, later in March for a due date is better for me than earlier . . .looking forward to seeing these flies!
  9. I`d like to join in on this one Ira .
    That is , if you don`t mind having a Canuckian in your swap .
  10. Trout if you want I'll help you tie yours when I come over.

    As for a Canadian... well to be honest I was kinda hoping for one of those, you know what they say about those canucks and going deep.

  11. Count me in :)
  12. Lock me in!
  13. This baby is closed!

    Again, 22 of the same bug or 11 of one and 11 of another.

    If nobody has to big of an issue with it I'll set a due date of March 9th or 12th at the latest.

  14. Sounds good to me. I have about half tied up today but I think I will just keep going and then select the nicest looking ones to send out. Repetition really helps a lot.
  15. See, told you so.
  16. Sounds good to me!
  17. Mine are pretty much done. Being sick has given me plenty of down time for tying. I know these will pale in comparison to the rest of the flies, but I gurantee they both catch fish. Should be sending them out at the beginning of the week.
  18. Mine are done and handed off to Ira. Hopefully he actually distributes them out for the swap instead of fishing them this weekend :)
  19. Got half tied up and plan to tie the rest tonight.

  20. Flies are finished and will be mailed out on Monday....

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