Deep Water Chironomid/What You Like to Hang Deep Under an Indicator Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Chris, I don't think your comment was harsh and my comment about "in the mail" was tounge in cheek so I'm not bugged at all about flies being a bit late. The only rush on this one is my desire to send them all out before a trip I'm taking on Thursday because I'm bringing the flies with me :)

    I got yours and Nicks in the mail today!
  2. We are now just waiting on our Canadian brother. The US postal service probably needed to inspect his suspicious looking package very carefully.

  3. Thanks. Look forward to seeing the flies. If you are ever on this side, I would be glad to take you to my "Home Lake" Medical Lake. Great chironomid fishing for some bruiser rainbows.

  4. Glad mine made it finally. Post office really ticked me off waiting so long to return it. On well it made it.
  5. Well Canadian brother, I'm afraid yours did not make it I time. Now what do we do with the extra flies. I would like to ship these out first thing in the morning, but I'll give you some options first.

    1. I give you your flies back
    2. I randomly, yet evenly redistribute the left over flies
    3. You tell me you are willing to wait a few more days for the last batch
    4. You tell me to keep your extra two flies
    5. Other

    I'll wait until tomorrow morning to hear any responses.
  6. I can wait.But lets see what the others say.
  7. Ira, I say you keep them. Some of us screwed you with not providing return postage. The PO Office screwed you by charging wrong shipping. You are the swap master. You have been patient with us all. I say you keep all extra flies.
  8. I am in no hurry to get the flies and I am happy to wait until they arrive. I'd actually like to see his flies since I am heading that way in May to fish the BC lakes of his region.
  9. Dbk, I will set yours aside.
  10. I can wait. If not an option, I vote that you keep the extras.
  11. Ira you keep 'em or give 'em out I'm cool with whatever you want to do.
  12. Ira, while I already said do whatever you want, it would be cool to see what our friends from the north use. If it isn't a problem, I can wait also.
  13. I'm going to go ahead and hold on to the flies and mail them out when I get back to this trip, Brian, you are back in.
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  14. Great news. Brian's profile picture is enough to make me want to wait!

    Ira- thank you for taking this swap on! All with a new baby in da house!
  15. My sincerest apologies for the delay fellas . I can assure you I mailed the bugs on the date I said I did .
    Maybe the pony on the express broke a leg ??
  16. Brian,you dont need to worry about it.Its not a big deal to wait a few more days.
  17. No worries Brian. Getting stuff across the border can be quite time consuming
  18. Brian's flies arrived Thursday after I left for my trip. I made it back today. I will mail them all out tomorrow. I will say that I fished several of the patterns on this trip and some performed stellar. Nick's maroon Leech absolutely slayer for a couple of days and Nailbenders brown leech did as well. I need more of those and I'm already looking into those jig hooks.
  19. Sweet can't wait to see all the bugs. I have been tying like mad the past few days. My leech collection was decimated after Saturday. I had literally nothing left. Getting stocked back up is half the fun.

    I'm just glad something I tied for a swap caught fish!
  20. Nick - your leech turned out to be a theme all weekend. I happened to have a few similar ties and all mine are now shredded as well.

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