Deep Water Chironomid/What You Like to Hang Deep Under an Indicator Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Not many greater sights than shredded flies after fishing.

    I've been trying to come up with ways to make these more durable. They are a simple tie so easy to replace but I would like them to last longer. I would also like to find a stronger curved nymph hook to tie them with. Half the time the hook gets bent to hell before the fly wears out
  2. More importantly, I want to fish with Ira and TP if they are tearing up flies slaying fish!!!!

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  3. I think I'll be tying up some copies of Nicks leach, when I get them. Glad we waited for Brians flies, this is going to be a great swap. Ira those hooks are umpqua C400bl jig fly. I get those and the slotted beads from J. Stockard (couldn't find any local)

  4. I`m glad they finally made it .
    Thanks for being patient guys .
  5. I just got my flies today. They look great and I see all of them are worth reproducing. Thanks for padding my chironomid/indicator box and i look forward to pictures so I know who to thank & for what.
  6. Pictures are done, I just need to load them and ask Chris to create a place for them.
  7. Got mine today.They look great!Thank you Ira for hosting this swap.
  8. Got mine today too. Great looking flies all around! I can't wait to get em wet.

    Big thanks to Ira for hosting this Swap.
  9. Received mine today, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Which one should I try first they all look so tasty.
    Thank you all and Ira for hosting
  10. Got mine today :) Thanks Ira for hosting and thanks everyone for the great looking flies.
  11. Got mine from jeff on Fri. Nice job guys.
  12. Got mine today. Thanks again Ira, and everyone else for the ties.
  13. OK, OK, I finally finished putting up the photos! For some reason I lost Brian's photos, but I'm fairly sure I know which mids were his and I think I can pull them out of my box and take new photos.

    Sorry about that Brian.
  14. My flies arrived today . Great job everyone . I`ll be sure to fish each and every one of them as soon as the lakes around here become ice free .
  15. Man that took along time Brian. Must be that Canadian post thing. You are now forgiven for the lateness. Heck, I've already caught fish on your bugs.
  16. That`s how they roll .

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