Depressingly compact-the Lynnwood flyfishing show.

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  1. The Lynwood FFS was as poor a return of a show to an abandoned market as could be imagined. The exhibitors, while interesting, were underwhelming in numbers. If that show is going to make a go of it they need to do some serious catching up to regain their following. It was seriously over[riced for what it had to offer.
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  2. Give em a break. This was the first show here in quite sometime. After disappearing from here a couple years back, they continued to have shows elsewhere but not here. I'm glad they returned and I had a good time for my short visit on Sat. morning despite the crowds. I didn't find the $15 entry fee outrageous and I hold my wallet pretty tight. What doesn't cost $15? You're hard pressed to get burger and a beer under that these days. I hope they saw there is interest in this market and have incentive to provide for a bigger show in coming years versus leaving forever.
  3. I found it to be compact at best. I was able to catch up with some old friends in the industry, try out some new stuff, and I caught a couple of seminars. Considering that they haven't been here in a while, I would imagine they will look for a larger venue, space wise. I was a bit surprised that I didn't see some of the more prominent vendors but I was not dissatisfied with the end product.
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  4. Trade shows for the outdoor industry as a whole are decreasing in size, but I found this show to be well put together. I sat in on 9 seminars, some I have seen before, but at all I learned something, and I thank everyone who had presented. We were lucky to even have the show come back, and for that I am thankfull, I hope the attendee turnout was beneficial enough for the show to return next year.

    Related note, I would have liked to see an open back room to test rods and such, the casting pond is nice, but is set up for one, maybe two casters if they are good, and intimidating for most to throw line around in front of a hundred people.

  5. Hey.... I was throwing a rod in front of everyone and if I can do it with my casting "style" anybody can. And I was slinging it in front of George Cook. I have the nicest little sideways flop to the end of my cast.
  6. I was there all day Sunday, I tried out 7 rods, some inside, some outside, few other venues can provide that kind of real time comparisons. Most of the presentations downstairs had really good content and had a nice chat with a bunch of the exhibitors. I agree with the middle of the room casting pond comment, it would be better if there was somewhere more discreet to reveal how crappy my casting ability is, plus I got shooed off due to a demonstration. I heard there were other people that wanted to exhibit but couldnt due to lack of space, also due to a lack of space, some exhibitors couldnt bring in their full product line. It was worth the 15 bucks, but they need a bigger venue.
  7. As an exhibitor, I agree that a bigger venue would be nice. But... Not a single option comes to mind that would actually work for that.
  8. I have to agree. I used to go to the show in Bellevue when it was bigger, but this was disappointing. Not much there that was really interesting and talking to the vendors they seemed to be a bit bored as well. I guess if you are taking in the seminars and such, it might be a good value, but if you're wanting to see the vendors then that's a pretty steep entry fee.

    I'll probably skip it next year, if they do come back.
  9. Evan, it was a couple of your rods that I tried out and am purchasing one this Friday, that Icon is a nice rod.
  10. Well, it was my first time going and I went on Sunday. It wasn't too crowded and I enjoyed the talks and demonstrations. Also enjoyed shopping and picked up a couple good deals on end of show sales. Got a good deal on a float trip I booked there as well. Overall I had a good time and will return next time the show returns to the area.
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  11. Awesome! We're really excited to get that Icon lineup underway. It's been slow goins since we're building them one at a time, turning cork from scratch. Pretty much "making to order" at the moment.
  12. I had the same experiences as the rest of you and take a positive perspective away from the show. Yes, it was crowded. Yes, the vendors were packed together. Yes, the talks were standing room only and you had to get there early to get a seat.

    But what this all means is that there was a pent up demand for this show again in the Seattle area. The number and quality of vendors was wa-a-a-y up over the last few shows in Bellevue, before they quit holding them there. There were also a lot of fly tyers showing off. Let's hope it comes back and continues to grow in terms of vendors and space!

    As for the $15 admission, it paled in comparison to what I spent on products (as I imagine was true for most in attendance), and I purchased almost exclusively items that were discounted for the show. I picked up a reel from Evan and folks at Allen, a Rio line from a local shop's stall at a dramatically reduced price, which was probably distributed by the manufacturer for this purpose, and for which Rio was giving away 3-packs of tapered leaders with each line purchased at the local vendor, a marked down book at the (very well stocked) book seller, and some feathers from the Keough cut-out bin. All in all a decent savings on products I didn't need, all for the $15 admission!


    PS ... and I met Irafly guarding the entrance.

    PPS ... AND I got Kirk's autograph on my "Olive the Little Woolly Bugger!"
  13. I went early Saturday as I had to leave by 11:45 to get to work.

    My thoughts.

    1. Thank God it's back.

    2. I felt like I was in the tropics. The place was way too hot, and only got hotter as more people came in.

    3. The venue is too small by far. Having said that, it was better than Bellevue in that you do not have to deal with Bellevue traffic or pay a minimum of $14 to park. I could not get to some booths and tyers and, as I mentioned, I was cruising. To me, the best venue would be the Puyallup Fair Grounds. The one large central building would fit everything and have plenty of room for indoor casting, seminars and tyers. Add the tons of free parking, ease to get to, attractiveness for Oregonians and probably a better venue price, and you have a winner.

    4. It was great seeing a lot of old friends and meeting some of you guys like Evan. Was that Irafly that checked my hand stamp? Hi, Ira; I was the guy in blue jeans.

    5. I really hope it goes to 3 days; I can take Fridays off a lot easier in my business.

    6. Did I mention--Thank God it's back!

    7. If any of you guys did not get a chance to go by the TU booth and chat with Mark (g smolt), please go the Tongass website and check it out. They are trying to set aside certain parcels in America's largest national forest to protect spawning areas and streams. All they are asking for is your signature on a petition, which you can do online. No money! And the amount of land set aside is rediculously minimal. The site is
  14. I think it all comes down to what you expect from the show. For me at the very least it's a chance to get off Island and hang with some hardcore fly fishing folks. I think the entry fee was worth it especially if you wanted to hit some seminars or pick up a few bargains (which I did). I was able to attend three seminars and got some great info. Heck, where else can you sit and pick the brain of Gary Borger and the like for $15. You can always learn something to apply to your knowledge base by listening and talking to others. I'm a Stillwater guy and pretty much only fish lakes. I went to a seminar on tactics to use when things go bad. It was based on river and stream fishing but as I was sitting there I was thinking, some of this info could apply to what I encounter on lakes from time to time. Also got to hook up with some guys I don't see often like Evan, Ira and even got to meet the famous O-rad (Jason) who wasn't near as bad as Ed says he is.:D
    Also got to chat up the Rio rep about stillwater lines and got some good info from him. The thing I noticed most about this show as apposed to the last one a few years back was that even though it was small, there were a good amount of vendors selling materials, having discounts and demoing products. The last show in Bellevue seemed to be heavy on the out of state guides and tour companies. It was crowded on Sat. and hopefully we've shown that this area can support a show next year in a bigger venue.
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  15. I thought it was OK. I was happy to get an "Olive" book for my kiddo and meet Kirk. He's been enjoying the last couple nights. I would have liked to see a bigger venue and a room that screens some fly flinging flicks during the day. Would have been nice to go chill in a room and watch some film along with everything else. Of course it didn't help that I was hung over :confused: That new double IPA was stronger than I thought!!
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  16. I attended with my son-in-law, and two of my grandkids ages 12 and 5. My grandaughter picked up a Reddington waterproof rain jacket at 50% off. My grandson(and his little sister) are loving his/their "Olive" book. I personally was looking forward to getting Tim's book, and he was around at the time to sign it! Had a quick chat with Evan, and stopped by and talked with Ira a couple of times.

    The icing on the cake was after months of overthinking it (like I always do), I made good on my threat, and purchased an Assault XX from Dave Scadden. Saved over $300 off the web advertised "show price". I think I came out ahead by attending!;) Wait a minute. Hmmm:confused:
  17. The next show, why don't we pick a day and try to have a WFF get together? I love meeting fellow addicts of this site. Maybe we could even trick OMJ to return to his roots for a weekend. Of course, I'll probably remember this thought right after the next show.
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  18. Doesn't OMJ require alcohol in order to show? That danged guy at the Tenkara...Tenkara... Tenkara... booth was supposed to have some hidden somewhere. I think he only shared it with people who could pronounce tenkara properly.
  19. Being relatively new to the WFF thing, I have to ask " Who is OMJ?"
  20. Old man Jim?

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