Depressingly compact-the Lynnwood flyfishing show.

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  1. OK, Jackd has an excuse--he's new. Old Man Jim, truly one of our classics. A good guy.
  2. Bill, I like your idea. I haven't met many folks I'd like to. To borrow from another post, a WFF lounge showing looped FF footage with chairs and micro brews would be a welcome addition. Not sure its possible but its good in my head.
  3. Zen, I spent Saturday right next to that Tenkara booth and tried 'pronouncing' it several times. No booze, not even a glimmer of recognition.:( Got to meet Tim/Ford Fenders and congratulate him on a fine book that's helping me get my stillwater mojo back. Talked to Evan and a few others from the board as well as many others who visited the TFO booth. Yes, it was small. Yes, it was hot. I'm still glad I went - it's nice to have a flyfishing show back in the Seattle area and always fun to meet other local flyfishers.


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  4. Correct pronunciation of "tenkara" was one of the prerequisites. Plenty of folks came by and partook of my stainless steel encapsulated spirits.
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  5. I met Evan also. Did he show you his Ron Jeremy tattoo?
  6. Me, silly.

    I don't drive to many places when there is the threat of snow in the air. I'm a chicken when it comes to driving in it.. Now if the show was in the middle of summer I might try to make it there.
  7. Tenkara... <echo> ..... tenkara.... <echo>.....tenkara..... I'm still trying to find that guy.

    I'm starting to think the flask thing was a marketing ploy to get people to say "Tenkara" all over the fly show. I never heard anyone shouting out "Norvise" or "Sage".
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  8. I attended the show for 3 hours on Sunday, and would have to rate my experience as a positive one. Although the venue could have been a little bigger (especially the area where the casting demonstrations were held), I wasn’t necessarily dissatisfied with it. Anyhow, I had fun looking at all the different booths, and Simon Gawesworth’s casting demonstration was both informative and hilarious.
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  9. I thought the show was good! I spent about 3 hours going around and watched Ryan Smith's presentation on Puget Sound fishing. Was there with some friends and saw many others.. And yes Lex did have something when you said "Tenkara"! I'll be getting one of the Tenkara rods this spring for sure!

    Picked up a copy of the book "Salmon in the Trees, Life in Alaska's Tongass Forest" and got it signed by Amy Gulick and a nice fly pin from the Casting for Recovery gals.. Saw some awesome materials, but couldn't justify any more and need to tie a few thousand flies before I buy more! :cool:

    I also attended the IF4 Film tour, and enjoyed the flicks, beer and had fun with the Orvis crew, past and present that were up there...

    Hope they keep this show going and I loved the fact we didn't have to pay for parking...
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  10. OK, now I know who you are. Did you change your Avatar photo recently?
  11. I was there Sat. for about 5 hours. Got to talk to a lot of Rep. I haven't seen in about 3 years. Found out about a couple of new lines and items that will be coming out. As for rods, I am more of a fiberglass guy, but tried a few rods! I try the 10' 3wt Icon from Allen fly fishing and loved the rod. I do have a couple of fiberglass rods in the works but will have to get that Icon.
    Had a great talk with Sweetgrass bamboo about rebuilding a bamboo rod I had. All and all it was great to me!
  12. I got tired of my self portrait. Now it's just my hats.

    If you are ever in Dillon and you see one of these hats walking down the street. I'll be the one under it.
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  13. I loved the show and that's coming from someone who had to stand half of the first day and check hand stamps. I even enjoyed that part. Great to meet folks, test rods, witness new fly designs, ask questions about equipment, talk to authors and buy a few things. I think that they will certainly seek out a new venue. I don't think they expected the interested from vendors and or the number of folks who showed up.
  14. I've never been to a FFS show. I got my Kast steelhead gloves I was looking for and spoke to some friendly vendors.The casting seminars on main floor were great. I'm also getting into Tenkara, thanks Lex!
  15. The 2014 show is about 3 weeks out from now. I'm going to make reservations at the close by motel for the show. This time I'll be there Saturday and Sunday.
  16. These shows must be a pretty tough business case. The first year at the Maydenbauer Center was fantastic IMO, but I heard from someone that it did not do well for the sponsors. The second year was also good but it seemed the quality of the show and attendance went down after that and prices went up. Is it just this region or are these venues becoming hard to pull off elsewhere around the nation?
  17. There has been next to no drama in the other cities we go to. Seems our area is just especially difficult.
  18. I'm working it again this year. You want in, I'll need to see that stamp! The Fly Fishing Film Tour looks great again as well.
  19. Hmmm... too many Piscatorial PhD's in the PNW perhaps?
  20. OMJ is a rookie fisher, that lives over in Montana. He once lived in Washington but rumor has it that the Sheriff had something to do with him moving to Montana.
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