Descent Thanksgiving Fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brian Lind, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. So I realize we are still in the heat of summer but the days are shortening. My parents are planning on coming out for Thanksgiving and I'm hoping to take my dad fly fishing. I've got the gear and extra waders I'm just looking for the best place to go. Originally I was thinking about renting a place for a few days in the Cle Ellum area, but I became slightly hesitant after reading the Westfly Trip Planner for November. Anyone have a good idea of where one might head for some descent and legal late November fishing? I can't just torture him making him stand in a stream that has no chance.... Alternatively after you are all done laughing at me you can suggest I invite him out next summer which is plan B.

  2. Rocky Ford has year around fishing. I actually fished it on thanksgiving day last year. A guided trip on the Yakima would be option.
  3. At that time and Steelhead is still early. I agree that your two places would be Rock Ford or the Yak. There are a couple of lakes you could pay to fish?
  4. Is the Yak wadable that time of year or best done from a boat. I'm certainly not above a guided trip, but I was so dreaming of a river front rental where I could hop in the waders and head down to the bank with a cup of coffee. You know minuteman fishing style? Pay to fish lakes? That is a new concept to me, do tell...
  5. Methow.
  6. Ringold and swing flies for steelhead
  7. Planning fishing for then is tough. I've learned to be flexible. Weather can be really fickle that time of year.
  8. Though it's not my cup of tea, I would definitely recommend Rocky Ford. The aspect of sight fishing to (or just casting to), that many visible fish gets one who isnt used to that experience heart thumping.

  9. Barring some sort of freak rain storm ... it's totally wadeable at that time of year.
  10. Also I often get my biggest fish nymphing in the winter time on the yak.
  11. Eastern WA steelhead can definitely be on. Weather can screw with you though. Doesn't the wet side have some late Coho rivers that should be clicking around T-day?

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