Distortion of Fly Fishing

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  1. wadin' boot

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    Duvall, like the city itself, is always ahead of his/its time.
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    That's what I thought. For crying out loud, flyfishing is a big deal in England... or at least, I thought it was. Maybe no one who created the series had ever pad the required fee to access one of the fishing rivers. ...or ever watched "A River Runs Through It".

    The characters wearing a fishing vest at all times was just so damned weird. Even the female members of the club wore their vest throughout the program.

    Actually, Porter, the series is kind'a interesting but they include far too many characters to figure out who was killing who and the motives are always a bit vague. Plus, a lot of folks get murdered in the village. Considering the series started in the early 2000, at the rate of murders there should be no one remaining in town. Maybe that's when they stopped producing the series... they killed off all the villagers.

    The funny part was the fly club members outrage over the fact that someone was using a weighted pattern. At one point they showed one hanging in a tree -- it kind'a looked like a yellow Stove Pipe pattern.
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    Watch Foyle's War instead. The fly fishing scenes, and the series, was much better.
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    This thread reminds me of the classic exchange between Tom & Ray on the old Saturday am "Car Talk," in which they're debating the difference between a Friend and a Great Friend.

    "A 'Friend' will help you move, but a 'Great Friend' will help you move a body."
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    Haha....I have brought up this point to my wife also. But I like all the characters and the initial vagueness in potential motives. You definitely have to pay attention and follow along unlike some shows where you can miss 10-15 minutes and not miss a beat. Inspector Morse was another show that demanded total immersion.
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    You might compare it to that great village named Duvall. How many murders could you have?

    The Duvall Valley Murder Mysteries

    Depot Death
    Cherry Creek Murders
    Murder on Virginia Street
    Rasmussen Bobberheads
    The Stranger (from Woodinville)
    Deadly Carvings at Remlinger
    Stiff on the Tolt
    so and so....
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    My wife refers to mine as my 'chastity belt', 'cause I'm never gonna get lucky wearin it.
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    I was wearing white plastic kitchen garbage bags over my wool socks yesterday, so my feet would stay dry launching in my leaky kayak booties (seams aren't sealed). I wonder... The booties are black. My rain pants are black. Some of the whiteness was exposed when I sat in my yak and my cuffs hiked up...:eek: I fished for a couple of hours with nary a bite. Trolled Narwhalsawzall Stocker Clockers, casted and retrieved a Sixpack and a brown wooly bugger (flies which have historically worked to fool the stocker 'bows in this lake), marked fish and tried to fish at their level. No surface activity. No hatches evident. Rain showers and breezy.
    Then, just at sunset, the showers went away and the wind died. It got too dark to see the exposed bit of white garbage bag at my cuff level. I was on the far side of the lake from the launch, and decided it was time to paddle back. I tied on a size 6 black wooly bugger and let out about 40' of clear intermediate line, aimed directly toward the launch and booked a bee line at 4 mph back across the lake. It was then that my luck improved. Had two nice stocker 'bows grab the speeding bugger, 14"+ and 16" delaying my progress. Got 'em both to the net...skunk finally off! Had to pack up and load everything in the dark.
    My feet stayed dry.
    Do you think that my glaring fashion faux pas killed my luck until it got too dark to notice?

    By the way, I have a sky blue roll-top drybag fanny pack. Now I know why it was on sale for so cheap.
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    I like mystery stories where you have a possibility of figuring it out. That's why I hated the old Perry Mason series. In the last 3 minutes of the show, they'd bring in a character who did the deed and you'd never seen the guy before. Kind'a hard to figure out who did it when it was someone out of the blue.

    That's why I like NCIS... you sometimes have a chance of figuring it out.
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  12. GAT

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  13. Jim Wallace

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    Yes, just like my fishing yesterday. I never figured it out. The mystery wasn't solved until the Director brought in two feisty characters (whom I hadn't seen before) during the final moments. Nothing but a cheap trick!
  14. Olive bugger

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    Fashion statements made on fishable waters are always important.
    I would be surprised if you are allowed back on that body of water without some sort of reprisal by the stockers. You could be snubbed.
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    Yes, they got that show all screwed up. The English don't wear their fishing vests all the time. They wear their tweed vests and jackets all the time, even when fishing. And there is nothing unusual in the club members being more outraged that a member fished a weighted fly than that he was murdered. In fact, he wasn't murdered by any definition of fly fishing in the UK. It was merely an act of "club cleansing" as no fishing club of character and breeding would have as a member any bastard who would stoop to the depths (pun intended) of fishing a weighted fly. The bastard probably cast upstream too, to give his weighted creation added depth. And if he'd also been using a strike indicator, he would have been drawn and quartered and not just mercifly killed.

    England is the cultural home of fly fishing (although history places its origins in Asia), and the Brits take it very seriously. However, the offender is entitled to a trial and a jury of his peers before being offed. Lack of attention to crucial details is a major problem with TV shows.

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  16. Olive bugger

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    OK, so I am confused. If I sojourn to England, what would be the correct attire? I certainly would not want to show up on the bank in improper uniform. A tweed jacket and vest would be mandatory, I would guess, but then again, I just don't know. Waders would be out of the question, no doubt.
  17. Jim Wallace

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    Right now I'm feeling glad that I didn't chuck my brown tweed sports coat along with my business suit. I did save one tie, for emergencies.
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  18. P.Dieter

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    I thought this thread was going to be about current films depicting the popular (seemingly) vision of fly fishing being some sort of X-stream sport.
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    Apparently, dressing for the chalkstreams is an X-stream sport, Paul.

    Do it wrong and you could wind up in the bushes without breath.
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    Do they burn his flyfishing club tats off....or just break his meershaum pipe?
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