Distortion of Fly Fishing

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  1. Bong is mandatory, I understand.
  2. A bong somehow doesn't fit the image .... :eek:
  3. Well hell.... there goes my self esteem. I used to think I was a flyfisherman. But between this and reading on another thread that nymphing under an indicator isn't really flyfishing, I'm not so sure anymore.
  4. Yes, but what is a little serf esteem, when compared to looking good streamside. Why, some days, I never wet a line, just posing around a picturesque tree, or other photogenic backdrops, with rod in hand, and to share my fashions, with the gear fishers, and cause them to feel pangs of envy.
  5. I wear a baseball cap. It doesn't advertize anybody on it. All it has printed on it is "Old Man" With a picture of a Brown trout. I wear my cap all the time. I take it off to sleep and take a shower. I have several of the same, all different colors.

    My wife started me on these. She got me an Orange cap for my riding in the hills during hunting season. I went the rest of the way and got the other colors.
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  6. Ohhhh, BROWN TROUT on an ORANGE HAT.

    Way to go, Jim. Great color combination. You fashion plate.
  7. Yeah and my color scheme when I get out is what I'm wearing at the time. In the summer time it could be a bright colored "T" Shirt or a drab one, also with jean shorts and tennies. I haven't worn my waders is about three years now. In the winter time, it's a camo jacket, jeans and tennies.. I'm quite the fashion plate. For the city dump that is.
  8. Here, I fixed it for ya!:D
  9. Important part is WHEN I GET OUT.
  10. Get out of where???? Bed, shower, out of the car, your mind.
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  11. I have a pipe and will bring it with me next time I hit the river. My flask travels with me as well, but I bring the utilitarian one instead of the leather-wrapped and fill it with peppermint schnapps instead of scotch. Freshest breath on the stream, bitches.
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  12. My last Ghillie simply advised on a ferry to the Netherlands for better hookers? [​IMG]
  13. I'm glad you clarified that...from the post above I thought maybe the various caps were all you wore. Old Man on a quad wearin just an orange baseball cap is some high octane nightmare fuel.
  14. When you get out? Are you in prison, or something? If not, then I sure hope that you're not a mime!:confused:
  15. Speaking of fashion, I used to get weird looks wearing my waders into Safeway or other local stores. Now they're used to it.
  16. Long, long ago there was a restaurant in Camp Sherman next to The Metolius river in Oregon. This was before the fishery became popular and flyfishing was still fairly rare. The restaurant was dedicated to fly anglers with a pot belly stove for heat and clear laminated table tops that included fly patterns.

    The artwork on the walls was flyfishing oriented. It was as much a meeting place for fly anglers as a restaurant. No one bothered to take off their waders and boots when we'd stop off for breakfast or lunch. Rods would be leaned up on the outside wall next to the front door.

    The fly anglers would compare notes at to what was working and where. It was great!! Plus the food was also quite good and the waitresses had a great sense of humor -- and they needed that for dealing with a bunch of fly fishers.

    So.... if there was a dress code for the restaurant... it was wading attire.

    Then... The Movie. Plus the population of Bend exploded. The Metolius suddenly became quite popular. The owner of the restaurant sold out to someone who quickly rebuilt the restaurant, added carpet and changed the name of the eatery.

    Wading attire was no longer required and in fact, forbidden.

    Damned movie.
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