DIY Homemade $6 Stripping Basket

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  1. Spent the past few days looking into buying a stripping basket. After hijacking someone else's thread and receiving encouragement in the classifieds to build my own, I figured that would be the way to go. Obviously the Orvis and the Linekurv are great and most likely better than what I built, but I figured I'd post here to possibly help someone else down the road also build one (and save some serious $$ in the process).

    Im not trying to take credit here for anyone else's inventions. This honestly isn't that difficult/impressive. I realize a lot of other people have done this and I'm sure they have built nicer ones than this. I basically took ideas from multiple different forums and also found a sweet trick with the sharpie caps. It is actually very, very easy and very, very cheap. The sharpie caps seem perfect for the "cones". They are smooth as can be, won't snag at all, and are nicely tapered as they rise up. The total build took 1 hour tops. I only had to go to IKEA for the basket and Home Depot for the screws.

    1x - $4.99 - Child's Bathroom Stool from IKEA (
    8x - $0.20 - 1/4" x 1&1/2" Lag Bolts
    8x - Sharpie Cap (normal size sharpies)
    Small amount of epoxy, super glue, silicone paste, anything really.

    I took the basket and drilled 8 holes in the bottom in order to put the sharpie caps to act as my "cones" to keep the line from tangling. I spaced them out decently well, you can probably do 4, 6, or 8 and be just as effective.


    In order to put the sharpie caps into the basket and secure them, I actually got lucky discovering this in home depot. The 1/4" x 1&1/2" Lag Bolts actually screw into a sharpie cap and fit super snug, almost like you are drilling into a stud. The tip of the sharpie cap has an inner cone that allows these bolts to screw right in and also leave a convenient gap between them (just enough for the plastic bottom of the basket to fit between).

    screw cap.jpg

    I used pliers to take off the small hook coming off the sharpie cap and then sanded them down so its super, super smooth. I can't imagine my line snagging on any part of them. I then just put the bolts thru the bottom, put some epoxy on them and screwed on the sharpie caps. I don't even think you need the epoxy at all to keep them in place but I did it anyways. If anything it just made a mess since I rushed this process and was sloppy but I'm not making this thing for a fashion show so who cares (I have since cleaned up the excess epoxy in the basket, but I took this image between caps as I only had about 20 minutes before the mixed epoxy was going to set).


    I finished off all 8 caps and then drilled a hole in each corner of the basket to allow water to drain easier. The IKEA "basket" comes with 4 holes on the sides that will help drain water as well but I figured I'd add a few more on the bottom. I then cut 4 slits on the front of it in order to fit my belt. The belt pictured is just one I grabbed from the closet, but this thing will easily fit my wading belt.



    I plan on drilling slits on each side of the top in order to place my rod if need be.

    I realize its not the prettiest thing out there, I gave almost zero effort to make it look good. I just wanted a cheap stripping basket that functioned and I'm pretty sure thats what I got here. It is comfortable as can be and the nice curve to it fits well in front of me or to the side, whichever way I want to wear it.

    Again I realize the Orvis and Linekurv baskets are probably better functionally and most certainly better looking, but considering the Orvis is $85 and the Linekurv is around $50, I'm quite pleased at the outcome here. I'm sure if you got matching sharpie caps to the color of the basket and weren't so sloppy/excessive with the epoxy it would look much nicer if thats what you're into.

    Thanks to all of those who helped point me in the right direction. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hopefully this will help someone in the future build their own and improve upon this.

    - Matt
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  2. The cones are important followed by how the basket and belt "fits" to your gut (ever so protruding in my case). Great job!
  3. Remember also your DIY Rod Tube. The wolves are out there.
  4. MacGyver would be proud. Very innovative indeed.
  5. I have built a few over the years, but none as nice as the one pictured. Good work.
  6. Glad someone found and posted the pattern. You did a good job on the basket.. if I didn't use an orvis basket, I would probably build one of these because I'm basically cheap (no offense meant) and the price on the Orvis basket has more than d:eek:ubled since I bought it years ago.
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  7. Good job on the basket. That will do the job for sure.
    After you use it a bit, you'll be able to determine if you like having holes in the bottom. If you don't, you can easily seal them up.
    I've used them with and without holes and like them better without holes. The holes are great for draining, but they also let water in.
    I've found that adding just a bit of water to a basket without holes seems to be the best combo for minimizing line tangles.
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  8. Nice job. I have two of the kids stools also.
  9. Anyone else here having problems with line twist in your stripping basket? I found myself having to take off my reel and untwist my line several times this morning while fishing a beach. Stripping basket did a great job keeping the tangles out of the sea weed, but I couldn't shoot line on half my casts. weird.
  10. I read somewhere that if you don't shoot out all the line in your basket each cast, then you'll end up with more twists in your line. I haven't really verified this myself,though.
  11. If you don't cast all the line that's off your reel you get twist. I don't think it matters whether you have a stripping basket.
  12. Golfman44 thats the best looking home-made basket I've seen. Thanks for posting. I need to get one of those Ikea children's stools. I like the curve in it.
    My home-made basket works pretty well. I didn't use "cones" but I ran some large, stiff zip-ties up from the bottom. You need to drill two holes right next to each other for each zip-tie. The clip part of the zip-tie goes on the inside, and they stand up straight! So far I haven't had a problem with them curling over and losing their effectiveness.

    Didn't have to buy any lag bolts, nor wait for some sharpies to get used up.

    After I installed the first zip-tie, I cut it down to a length equal to approx half the depth of my basket. I removed the burrs caused by cutting a pointed tip, and then cut and de-burred the rest of them before installing them.

    However, yours is really deluxe! Although mine works just fine, I'm going to get one of those Ikea stools (I like the curve) and make another one!
  13. I don't see the difference.

  14. I've been having that problem a lot lately.

    I'd never heard that before about having to cast all the line that's off your reel. I'll keep that in mind next time I get out.
  15. Thanks for this! I was just complaining yesterday about the insanely high prices for plastic stripping baskets--unreal. This is way better than my homemade one and thanks for the recipe!
  16. No difference, it will just twist no matter what.
  17. Very Nice, now if I can start Saltwater fishing like I have told myself too many times I will be set with a sweet design.

    Thanks for Sharing.
  18. Damn good looking DIY basket. better than mine. I hot glued broken Golf Tees in mine to keep the line straight and it works fine. I did break off the points as I was stabbing myself when I reached into the basket and not paying attention. Pretty red-neck, mine is and not half as nice looking as yours.
  19. Good call on the Sharpie lids. I purchased a dollar store pack of regular ol' pens, I think they'll still get the job done but the Sharpie lids are a bit bigger/smoother.
  20. Thanks for the feedback guys. I like the golf tees idea haha. If any of you try this/improve on this post some pics!

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