Do airplanes work better than trees for stream restoration?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Paul_, Jul 4, 2014.

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    it looks like some mandatory overtime is headed my way.
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    Not better than trees, but probably just as good as car bodies.
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  4. Thought you were messing with photoshop at first.
  5. freestoneangler

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    Wow, that isn't something you see very never. At first glance, I too thought this was a Photoshop job. The folks of Montana haven't had this much excitement since OMJ moved there :).

    Must be an absolute gold mine for the rafting outfits in the area... good luck finding a spot at the launches! We'll be driving by there on Wednesday... should make for an interesting stop to gawk.
  6. Article said it should be cleaned up by today (Saturday).
  7. The railroads have some humongous cranes loaded on train cars for cleaning up after derailments, but this one would be amazing to watch.
  8. Lugan

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    Great, yet another clean up on the Clark Fork.
  9. freestoneangler

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    Just some big, green aluminum cans Lugan... don't go stirring things up now. :)

    Dang, was looking forward to seeing it first hand.
  10. Old Man

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    This is better than AP on the ground. This is a major fix for somebody. I can imagine that those bodies are pretty well damaged.
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    To be floating the river, a witness to the scene, and to comprehend what happened to create such a scene.... it would be one you wont forget.

    An odd story nonetheless.
  12. Steve Unwin

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    It seems like these days you can barely go 20 yards on a river without finding another Rainier can or a 737. People these days...
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    A freaky thing happened to my son and me several years ago on the Clark Fork, we were floating and fishing next to the tracks and a train came by. As we sat there in our pontoons there were at least 100 cars full of military equipment that went by. Everything from small jeeps, armored personnel carriers, tanks and cargo trucks (no airplanes though) it was right after 9/11 and it may have been just a typical movement of equipment but it gave me the willies. My boy said it reminded him of old WWII newsreels he had seen.
  14. GAT

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    I too, thought it was a photoshopped photo. Geez, now we don't believe anything weird in photos. Thanks, Adobe. :)

    I was involved in "stream restoration" on a coastal river. We were using cables to tie down logs that were placed in the river. I was a ODF&W project.

    Unfortunately, it was just a PR stunt to make folks think the department was actually helping steelhead for a change. I found out later that when the winter rains came, they washed the logs downstream. The cabling did no good. The force of the current was simply too strong.

    The ODF&W knew that would happen. And this was from a fish biologist who was working for the ODF&W at the time.

    So while dumping cut logs into rivers seems like a good idea, it can not and does not have the effect of a full size tree naturally falling in a river. At least not the river where I did a lot of work for not.

    This was in an area where a timber company was clear cutting the devil out of the forest. There were very few trees remaining to fall in the river. But the timber company left us some cut logs to use for our "stream restoration".

    That was nice of them. :confused:
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    That's gonna put a big hiccup in the 737 production line...
  16. GAT

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    Yup. I don't think a little touch up paint will correct the damage.
  17. Roper

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    No, that won't buff out at all...:rolleyes:
  18. KerryS

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    Instead of the "car body hole", which every river has at least one of, we will have the "plane body hole".
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    My Son and I were fishing yesterday when he heard a loud screech. He looked up to the road on the other side of the river to see a camp trailer heading for the edge of the road. It had broke loose from the truck pulling it. It came to a rest just inches from going over the edge and into the river.
  20. bennysbuddy

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    Although expensive they would make great habitat.