Do airplanes work better than trees for stream restoration?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Paul_, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. In the future, if you're boarding a Boeing jet and notice old caddis cases on the fuselage, demand an upgrade.:oops:
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  2. Just think. That A.P body would make a nice house. Just give it some insulation Blankets and it will stay warm in the winter time. It won't rust, sorry corrode if it's been sprayed with a inhibitor. When it rains you can fall asleep to the rain drops on the roof. Lots of uses for them bodies.
  3. yeah, It would be like living in a giant Airstream trailer...
  4. After looking at the image I kept thinking about some weird,convoluted,Woody Allenesque,mega hatch.Those poor boeing larvae are just crawling up the rocks hoping to shuck some chrome for wings.Weird, I know.
  5. The ones there are using now didn't cost the public anything. Looks like a good deal to me. Boeing might think otherwise.
  6. I remember when a bunch of tank cars derailed in northern CA on the upper Sac, and dumped weed killer into the river. Looking at these photos, at first i thought it was the St. Regis, not Clark Fork!
  7. Guess it's taking a little longer to clean up than originally anticipated. It did sound like an optimistic timeline. I heard Tuesday as the estimate today.
  8. Huh, and I thought they were put there to control bank erosion.
  9. It would be kind of tough to tie them up as a dry.
  10. That was a really bad spill that killed off a very large number of trout :(
  11. I'm sure the costs will be passed on to taxpayers and customers. Just glad these weren't oil tankers.
  12. Just glad these weren't oil tankers

    Exactly my thoughts. I drive by a couple miles of the rail tankers each day, wondering when I will see them piled up in some river, lake or shoreline. It's not if, but when, unfortunately.
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  13. One of them bodies is broken in two. I don't think that they will fix that one. Probably more damage on the inside the tube.
  14. No worries Jim, a doubler or two and a freeze plug for each torn out fastener, a little BMS-595 and it's good...
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  15. I guess JB Weld is not going to work here.
  16. Saw that (full on) happen on I-5 just south of the Seattle Business district. Good thing was traffic wasn't all that heavy so spread out as it were. Guy (assume) was pulling a 17-20 foot travel trailer which started to fish-tail. Like really fish-tail and it didn't take but a few seconds before the trailer was controlling the truck. Both flipped over the guard rail.
  17. The planes are out of the river and the fishing is great! This section doesn't get much fishing pressure since there is no boat access below the white water gorge until the Tarkio FAS. We see one or two people a year that walk-in here to our lodge. The Rainbows and Cutthroats are typically 15 to 20 inches. Brown and Bull trout average somewhat bigger, and that's the plane (sorry) truth!
  18. One of the 737 fuselages in Montana ended up in the tree, I don't think it's gonna buff out...



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