Do beavers attack?

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  1. I was fishing the Cedar this evening and came across a big beaver pulling a small tree through a fast current. As I continued fishing I heard some noise upstream and saw a baby beaver approach the river edge from the woods. At this point I was in knee deep water and between a baby beaver and its parent and didn't want to find out if the adult beaver didn't want me there.

    I've heard beavers can be aggresive if they feel threatened. Does anyone know if they would attack?
  2. Yes I do believe there was a recent incident of some guy in Russia or somewhere being attacked and dying due to blood loss. Seems the little critters bit into a artery.
  3. Just read the story on that attack. Seemed the fisherman stopped by the side of the road and attempted to pick the little critter up .. mistake.

    With all encounters I have had with beavers, here and back in Canada, they flee from us. Granted I was never between a youngin and its mommie.

    Biggest beaver I've ever seen was a couple weeks back on the Cedar. Scared the crap out of me.
  4. According to my girlfriend apparently they do... or maybe they just attack her...
  5. Well.... you can always "take the log to the beaver"...:D
  6. If a beaver can drag a small tree through a fast current just imagine what it could do to you. Imagine spending your last days in the confines of their dark damp hut, having your legs chewed off a little at a time. Never make eye contact with a beaver as they consider it a challenge.

    This is yet another reason to always carry the biggest gun you can when entering the howling wilderness.

    Apologies in advance if you really do suffer from Doraphobia. In which case qualified counseling is advised.
  7. Yes, yes they do. Back when Erickson was the football coach, I think he recruited players from California prisons. During those days, it was common for Beaver football players to start bar fights... but they were starting to win football games so nothing came of it.
  8. This reminds me of a girl in college.......
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  9. ROFL
  10. In my experience, beavers (to be clear, the ones with the overbite and flat tails) exist primarily to scare the %&%^&&^ out of you when they slap their tails as a warning in the gloaming. Startled by the sharp, sudden noise, you lose your footing and take a quick dip - signalling the end of the evening fishing. More seriously, I was fishing with a friend on the Roanoke River in NC and had a beaver repeatedly circle the bass boat we were in; we weren't that close to shore or any other reason that it should have been territorial. It was certainly aggressive. Beavers can become rabid. Their normal reaction should be to flee; if one came toward me, I would treat it like a skunk that I saw during the day and keep my distance.

  11. Like Steve above, I've only had them circle me at a distance and slap their tails. But in the handful of such cases, I didn't feel threatened.
  12. A doraphobiac would be pleasantly surprised by a shaven beaver.
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  13. Any animal is a threat if cornered or confronted without chance of escape. But I do not recall ever hearing of someone being assaulted by an unmolested beaver.
  14. This little guy got tangled in the fly line a few weeks back on local river. My buddy had to get him to shore to release him unharmed. After he was released he just walked off eating shoots of grass along the way. Never tried to bite. beaver.JPG
  15. Yes

    1. Once on a float tube in a mountain lake. I must of got to close to ones den. The beaver came out of the den at me and when it got close enough it turned and began slamming its tail up and down on the surface of the water at me. I took it as a threat and left the area. All I could think about was the movie Jaws and my feet hanging below the water line.

    2. One got lose in our neighborhood. Along with another person we tried to captured it and return it to a nearby stream. Well, to make a long story short the damn thing turned on me and chase me down the driveway. They look large and slow till you pissed one off. All I saw was teeth as I looked over my shoulder while I was running.
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  16. [​IMG]
    'Beaver bites man to death' is a headline we never thought we'd see

    A man on a fishing trip to Lake Shestakov in Belarus spotted a beaver by the side of the road and wanted to take a picture of it. Beavers are so cute, he probably thought. Unfortunately, beaver cuteness is only skin-deep. It pounced on the man when he approached and bit him in the thigh. The bite severed a main artery and the man bled to death. Add this to that video of a guy fleeing a beaver, and the conclusion is clear. Safety first: Avoid beavers
  17. OH, click on the under lined, " guy fleeing a beaver" , for the video. Hope it works as it's worth watching.

  18. When I was young, a beaver sighting was a rare, even non-existent thing. Then somebody invented the mini-skirt, and things were looking up. Then someone invented pantyhose and took all the fun out of it. That's when I took up fishing. Beavers don't bother me any more. Much.
  19. I remember a Jeff Foxworthy bit where he discusses the line "If you've ever had your nipple bitten off by a beaver... You might be a redneck." He got it from a fan it actually happened to. I don't even want to guess at how that happens. But It is a report of a beaver attack.
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  20. That guy could have been a noodler and the beaver a noodlee.

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