Do beavers attack?

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  1. I remember that story.

    I came face to face with a beaver when I was fishing the Entiat once. He went one way and I went the other. I was climbing over a pile of logs.
  2. I haven't seen a beaver here in the PNW yet. But in Ca. I saw a few. They always seemed to be cautious of me and I just sort of watched for awhile out of mild interest and then ignored them. I do think that being between a mother and it's young is a hazard with any species though.

    Sometimes coyotes will pack stalk people. It's happened to me. It was scary while it was happening. When I got home I looked into it on line. I read that, in the US, there are only two reports in all American history of coyote related human fatalities. I also read that being stalked by coyotes isn't unusual. Where their territory is shared with people they remain cautious but stop feeling threatened. So they do it out of instinct like a sort of play game. They are dogs after all.

    I once found myself between a mountain lion and it's kill. I was hiking up a small creek when I found a fresh deer carcass half covered in sticks and dirt. Two bloody holes in it's cranium and it's stomach ripped apart. I thought "This looks like a mountain lion kill. I'd better keep an eye out." Then around the next bend I saw the cat. It was about thirty yards away. It turned and squared up on me. As scary as that was I did what I've read you should. I opened my jacket and raised my arms in the air to give as large and threatening an appearance as possible. The cat didn't move. We stared at each other for what seemed like over a minute (though it may have been less. I was preoccupied by new and unpleasant stains in my clothing). Not wanting the cat to make the decision about what happened next I did the only thing I could think of. I took a few steps toward it!!! The cat turned, jumped an easy ten feet up onto an outcropping and then walked quickly away. When it was out of sight I got the hell out of there.

    Be careful everyone. The odds of being attacked by any critter are very, very small. But what is often ignored is that those odds go up greatly when you spend a lot of time where those critters live. Someone in the wrong place at the wrong time accounts for those statistics. Gamer geeks don't get their nipples bitten off by beavers.
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  3. 3-4 years ago a couple of coyotes attacked and killed a 19-year old Canadian singer in Ontario, I think. And I had a crazed marmot make repeated passes at my right hiking boot in Glacier years ago. Even after he got lofted through the uprights, in a manner of speaking, he still came back. Cold-cocking him with a water bottle finally got his attention.
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  4. Poor things. They must have been starving.

    What?.. Too soon?

    I use to live with a roommate that had ferrets. They were a kick to play with and afraid of nothing. I don't think any weasel type critters feel fear. Probably the only mammal in the vicinity that would willingly attack Alex MacDonald!
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  5. I trapped for many years in my younger life.
    Beavers are pretty tough critters.
    I've never had one attach but I have had them swim around and slap their tails on the water, fishing went to shit after that.
    My daughter got her Doc. at Oregon State so I'm a "Beaver believer"
    "I would like to stuff one" Naked Gun
  6. What did you expect 10incher?;)
  7. My point was that I never met an aggressive beaver. Not the four legged type anyway.
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  8. Long time lurker on this site. Can't remember if I've posted before - guess I'll find out in a sec.

    About 16 years ago I was steelheading on the Sky along Ben Howard Road. I was trying to wade past a beaver den and started hearing loud snarling and growling. I got pretty freaked out and for a minute thought there was a bear nearby. Then all of a sudden a beaver popped out of the water just downstream of me and started slapping the water with his tail. I got the message and abandoned my quest to wade past his house. I knew they tail-slapped the water, but didn't know that they could make such ominous growling and snarling noises.

    Also heard from a buddy that there is a tail-slapper along the NW shore of Cooper Lake (salmon-la-sac area). He was canoing to a campsite after dark and the critter headed him off slapping the water.

    EDIT - yes, this was my first post! :)
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  9. Hey get with the times , nowdays we call trapping beavers , Dateing...
  10. Hell yes they attack! Just last week my wife chased me around with a frying pan in the kitchen!!
  11. Let's face it. If you're going to fish, your going to make a beaver angry sometimes. One way or another.
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  12. I saw a large beaver from about ten feet last night on the Cedar. It swam submerged past me and went about it's business. A bald eagle was in the same area. I thought of it as a blessing and it made my evening...
  13. I had one swim straight at me and then dive and go UNDER my float tube. I moved. Had one slap the water right behind my tube in the dark one night . . . I put that tube up "on-plane" inside of 10-feet . . . never knew you could "burn rubber" using fins in water prior to that night.
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  14. The creek I fished in upstate NY was inhabited with beavers and more than once fishing the evening spinner fall at dusk I would get the shit scared out of me by a tail slap right behind me. I could swear I heard laughing coming from the den along the bank. On morning before sun up I was wading upstream in water mid-thigh deep and apparently a young beaver was heading on down stream. We met me under an old bridge hitting me square in the ankles. It was all assholes and elbows as I let the curses fly into the morning darkness. Not sure who was startled more but we both changed directions in a hurry.
  15. It must be the fact that they chew fricken trees down with those choppers. Imagine what even a warning nip could do to your person! I don't really see myself running from a beaver. But I would certainly take a few backward and sideways hops out of the way if one came at me. And I'd certainly reposition pronto if I found myself between mamma beaver and her young.

    I'm still hoping for more "animal encounter" stories in this thread.
  16. I was fishing the Little Deschutes river OR when I came around the bend of the ox bow to find four beavers basking in the sun. I ask if I could join them, sure they said.
    When my fishing partner came around the bend and found four beavers and me basking in the sun.
    Well, lets just say that was a fishing trip of a life time.
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