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  1. Washington's Top Fishing Maps, 2011, Frank Amato Publishing

    This book has a couple pages on the Skykomish and map similar to the one you have linked but not as large in coverage. Says it came from Fishing & Hunting News.

    John at John's Sporting Goods has his own book out with maps and info for fishing, crabbing, and shrimping. I haven't seen it but its for sale on his site. Perhaps that has a more detailed map with his notes on it. He's got a lot of info on his site especially if you get into his archived newsletters.
  2. Actually I found it myself and bought a used copy. I slept with this book when I was in grade school :)

    "A complete Handbook on washington Steelhead" 1980 by Milt Keizer.

  3. Those were from the Hunting and Fishing News. Circa 1972 (I'm looking at my Hoh map as we speak). I have a few of the books, the full spectrum of them and the OP maps. Still pretty accurate, to an extent.
  4. And thank you for chiming in to help me :)
  5. That makes sense. When I saw a scan of the map, my memory was jogged. I think there were tens of rivers mapped. But this is about nostalgia, not information.
  6. I still have the book you showed above, and I actually have the mapbook that Fishing and Hunting News put out of just maps. I have two of the map books. One was used so much the binding is shot. I'm going to take my favorite rivers and frame them and put them up in my mancave. :)
  7. Is that Bobo with clothes on????
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  8. this guy was doing the Bobo pose before it was cool
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  9. Thanks for the flashback, I did the same damned thing with that book. Back then, I think my whole being revolved around the latest issue of Fishing and Hunting News, my tying vise and my well worn copy of Foxfire 4.
  10. I did not recognize the old skewl Bobo. Though I assume Bobo would never say "old skewl."
  11. I emailed johns (like 2 hours ago) and already received a reply. The map I linked to actually came from a book called "Access Maps to Western Washington Rivers" by Fishing and Hunting News.

    I wonder if Keizer was connected with FnN. Interesting.
  12. I'm surprised that nobody has commented on how that native steelhead is being treated
  13. That was back in 1980. Before your time. That was when the rivers were full of Steelhead.

    There was another Book out there that did this for most of the rivers in Western Washington. But being that I'm such an old man, the name has gone to the big name hiding place. Maybe it will come back.

    I thought I had the name but it slipped back into hiding.
  14. I was born in 1960 , do the math that was in the era of my best steelhead fishing, those were the days when i was up before the crack of dawn to go forth and battle the hoards of steelhead that were in the rivers.
  15. It started out "Hunting and Fishing News" and changed to "Fishing and Hunting News". I always got a kick out of the publication. They relied on resorts, angling shops and guides for fishing reports... and the reports of any given fishery was never worse than "fair".

    This all came down before The Internet and because it was in paper form, was published in "real time". A lot of guys hated the newspaper because they believed it revealed their "secret hot spots".

    Boy howdy! It they knew The Internet was just around the corner....
  16. I believe it was called "Hennings, Western Washington". It gave all of the "S" rivers in the Puget Sound area. All the Fishing spots and how to get to them.

    I donated it to one of the member here. If he still has it. I hope.

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