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  1. I'm looking for some sort of dolly to transport my 8' HDPE pram. Most of the lakes I fish locally I can back right up to. But I'd like to have something to get the boat into Lenice, Beda (when it comes back) and other lakes that require a bit of a hike. Don't want to spend a lot (more than $100) since it won't get used more than once or twice a year.

    Trying to decide between a Transom mount like this


    Or something like this:


    I like the second option because it would allow me to have the boat right side up and fill it with my gear. But I'm not sure about the stability. Any firsthand knowledge/feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Get a strap with the 2nd one and cinch it to the boat.
  3. I have a dolly like the second one for my canoe and I wish that I had one with larger wheels. Going down a slope with the 14'7" canoe is a test to keep it from dragging. With two of us we can handle it acceptably. Also, the width of the dolly compared with the canoe is an issue. I wish that the width of the dolly approximated that of the canoe. I suspect you would have the same issue with a pram.
  4. I've tried making various ways wheels for prams over the years, and a couple worked out well. One was to attach a flip-up mechanism to the transom that allows a set of wheels to be locked down when in use and up out of the way when on the water. It stays on the boat all of the time. Another was to build a light wheeled frame/dolly for the pram to sit on in trailer (or truck bed). I then slide the frame with boat off the trailer, wheel it part way into the water, then slide the boat off. The frame/dolly makes a good launch for rocky areas that would damage the boat otherwise.
  5. I went with these and have found they work great. They cost a little more than you wanted to pay but are very versatile. The wheels come off by pulling a pin on each. Great for moving around with my re paint project on the boat as well.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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