WFF Donations for 5th Annual 2014 PHWFF 2 Fly event

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  1. The time has come again. We're about 2 months out from the 2 Fly, which will be held on September 20th. I'd like to have account closed as of September 11th. That'll give me time to have money transferred to my bank account and I can do the shopping. This year I'm shooting for paying for the WHOLE event via donations. So this year, I'm shooting for $5500. That'll pay for all foods and expenses for the 2 Fly. There are two ways to donate. You can send me a check (payable to me) or send me payment via Paypal. All donations are tax deductible. I will make an "in kind" donation form for every donation I get

    If donating via Paypal, please send as a "gift" to a friend. That way they don't deduct from your donation. If you do send via paypal, PLEASE also send me a conversation/PM with your name and address so I can do the in kind donation form. I do believe you don't have the option to add that in the remarks if it's a "gift" via paypal. I may be wrong. My account on paypal is

    You can also send me a check. I have an account set aside just for Project Healing Waters. Please have checks made out to me. Also enclose a note saying who you are on the board and what name/address you want the "in kind" donation form to be sent to.

    Jerry Daschofsky
    25902 70th Avenue East
    Graham, WA 98338

    Thank you again for all the donations of gear and monies over the year. It has helped a lot and have made our program so successful.
  2. Donation is on the way.

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  3. Check your PMs
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  4. PayPal sent.
  5. Incoming. Good on ye for all you do, Jerry.
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  6. Thank you all so much. I'll start doing a running total as I get funds. :)
  7. Conversation and PayPal gift sent.
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  8. Ok, sorry. I had cut/pasted an older thread. That was my mistake. I corrected the paypal address. I'm so sorry. I thought I had corrected it completely (my old email had closed down and I had to sign up a Gmail account). But didn't modify my actual address above.
  9. Currently at $600. Thank you!
  10. A box from The Flyfish Journal is on the way. Some items for participants.

    Thank you for what you do.
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  11. Thanks, appreciate it.

    I'm now at $700. I'd love to hit the full total. But I'm really needing to hit the $1500 mark. That'll pay for the food for the event. :)
  12. Check is in the mail.
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  13. Thank you!!!!
  14. Jerry, check in the mail.

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  15. Currently at $1200
  16. I'd love to hit $2,000. We already have other inside sources with PHWFF that have done some good donations (paying for camp, shirts, etc). But $2k would put me well into "safety zone" on food. :)
  17. Sent via Paypal Jerry.
  18. Jerry:

    Where you at now?
  19. I'm at $2000

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