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  1. I was updating my profile info and somehow ended up with a double avatar.
    What did I do and how do I correct this? Thanks for any help
  2. I don't even see a picture on your profile. Did you delete the pics? You actually have a profile pic and a profile page pic.
  3. I haven't posted a picture, was just updating from ? to male etc. I wasn't sure it went through
    so tried again and have a smaller male arrow on the bottom right of my avatar. I'm not sure if by
    checking I ended up trying to PM myself or what. I also see it on dawhale and jmills81's avatar
    from inadvertent clicking. Sorry for my computer illiteracy, any help appreciated.

  4. If it shows up on the forum index, that just means that it's a thread you both started and replied to. Here's an example of what I see:

    Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 9.18.29 PM.png
  5. Josh, Thanks for the help. I did comment on both of their threads. If I understand correctly this only shows
    on my screen. I wasn' t too worried about me but didn't want to screw somebody else up.

  6. Josh beat me to it. Wanted to see if it was a glitch first.
  7. Thank you both for the help. Thought I had done something "creative"


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