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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by bstolz, Jun 10, 2013.

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    So I've kinda come up with an idea and I'm looking for some constructive ideas and criticism. I've had an 8ft water skeeter pontoon boat and I just recently acquired a second one for free from a relative. Now my idea is to get some stainless tubing that is the same outer diameter of the inner diameter of the existing frames and build a casting platform frame and connect both boats. Now I've tried to do some research and I can't seem to find any write up or experiences on the interwebz of anyone trying such a thing. Ideas?
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    That configuration was available a while back. Can't remember who make it though. Someone will know.

    OK, with help from my friend google, it was a Water Skeeter Doubletake. Might give you some ideas.
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    I once thought about connecting two pontoons by simply strapping 10' sections of pipe to the frame on each tube. In the end, I simply bought a double.

    However, you might contact Water Skeeter as they used to make a boat called the "Double Haul". It was two singles that mated together to make a double. The pontoons zipped together but I don't recall how the frames connected. They should have some ideas and may even already have the parts to connect your two frames.

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    Holy crap-that thing looks like an erector set on steroids!

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    looks like two pontoon boats having sex, the result is a litter of float tubes.
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    "Litter of float tubes" Now that's funny!