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  1. My wife has us catching up on Downton Abbey by Netfix. We just started season 3, so don't tell me that Lady Sybil died. However, when I watch the show, my focus is all askew because I can't stop looking at the feathers in the ladies' (and some men's) hats.

    When Lady Cora showed up with a spectacular dyed ostrich plume, all I could think about was tying Hoh-bos with it. Another hat featured grays and buff marabou, and I was thinking "flesh flies, skulpins". Here's a splendid display of white schlappen, white marabou, and what looks like black rhea.

    In season three, Shirely MacLaine shows up with a spread of curved natural pheasant tails that I thought were Lady Amherst, but I found out were reeves pheasant. That would look nice in some intruders. But I couldn't figure out what the hair-like kingfisher blue feathers in the other hat were. Those would make a nice collar for some cold weather flies. A nice fan of trimmed black ostrich in another.

    I think I spotted some real bustard on a hat in one episode. Maybe it was a golden pheasant tail. Back then they were coming out of an era in which they were blasting some species to extinction for their feathers. I've wondered about the saddle or schlappen I've seen that is black with a green sheen. Are those natural chicken, or gamecock tails or something more exotic?

    I would gladly accept a white feather, especially if it were peacock, ostrich, or silver pheasant.
  2. In one episode, a couple gentlemen went fishing. I was hoping to see some period equipment and some old spey casting, but there wasn't any closeups of equipment, and the actors cast like shit!
  3. I'm glad to admit of thinking the same about those hats! And yes seeing those guys cast was hurting me.

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