Drab Ugly

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Hans Weilenmann, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Hans Weilenmann Active Member

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    Drab Ugly
    Hook: Grip 14723BL #8
    Weight (optional): Lead wire (alternative: non-toxic wire)
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
    Hackle: Whiting Coq de Leon hen saddle
    Rib: Hackle stem, stripped
    Tail: Goose biot, dyed brown
    Shellback/wing: Eel skin (alternative: Thin Skin)
    Body: Hare's ear, dyed dark olive
    Hans W
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  2. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    I'm going to tie some of these just so I can tell people I'm fishing with a Drab Ugly.
  3. GAT Active Member

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    Yup... the name fits :p
  4. McNasty Canyon Lurker

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    looks fishy tho! i might tie up somethin like that.