dragoon creek

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  1. heading off on a very short little two day camping/two day fishing trip to dragoon creek.
    I'm heading there on reports of brook trout being there. i don't know why but, Ive always wanted to catch a brook trout(mostly cause they're gorgeous imo). when it comes to trout I've only caught rainbows/cuts/and browns on a fly, so it would be nice to add them to the list.

    so im looking on tips from anyone who's fished the area, or even has tips on what brookies like. should i bring nymphs,leech patterns, hoppers or what?

  2. I haven't fished Dragoon for many years, though I fished it a great deal as a kid (my grandfather had land surrounding a stretch of it. Even back then it was pretty pounded by cattle).

    Brookies hit the same flies other trout do. It's the height of grasshopper season and I suspect a fat brookie wouldn't be able to resist a well placed mimic.

    Have fun!
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