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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Evan Burck, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. So I just took possession of my cousin's drift boat and am working on a restoration project on it. He bought it from a buddy of mine, Said buddy never titled it or registered it, and managed to lose the title before selling to my cousin.

    So, I can be totally legal with the boat so long as I don't have a motor on it... But I actually do have a few situation where I'd like to have the option (down here on the Snohomish during salmon season, and a few others). Given that the last couple owners didn't register or title it, and the furthest back owner I have contact with doesn't remember the name of the guy he bought it from... What are my options for titling it? Seems like with the Dept of Licensing, they want a notarized copy of the last registered owner... Whom I don't really have a way to contact.
  2. You can easily title it. Especially since it's a drift boat last two I titled so I could put a motor on it was pretty easy. They just will want worth, probably tax you, then issue a title.
  3. Evan, I used to acquire old boats for a museum, both for the collection and for resale. The process should be pretty easy. You have a couple of options.

    Option #1:If the boat has a Hull Identification Number (or WA registration numbers) you can just call the DOL and they'll look it up and see if there is a registered owner on file. If there is you'll send that owner a registered letter. If they respond they can release the title. If the letter is returned the DOL will register the boat in your name, but hold the title for a few years. During that period you can sell the boat if you want.

    Option #2: If the boat has no Hull Identification Number or WA registration numbers or if they have no record of the number on file you can just get a new title. In that case the process is as described by Jerry D. They'll have you fill out a form or three detailing the value and then issue you a title and registration.

    IMPORTANT: Try and work with the DOL subagency in Ballard. Most of the others are not well versed in boat titles and will likely make thing difficult for you. If you run into trouble send me a PM and I can help grease the skids a bit.

    Trailer: The state is much more strict on the trailers. You'll have to follow the above process plus get the thing weighed and then inspected by the state patrol.
  4. Evan, did the axle work out? If not, I can take it back to the trailer builder in Boise for credit. Let me know..
  5. Sure didn't. I can get it back to you once I get back over to my cousin's. We have the trailer fixed, though.

    Thanks for all the advice guys! Luckily, the trailer has a title and all is well there.
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  6. Cool, good luck with the title process. Let me know when you can meet up.

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