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  1. Hello Fisherman: I sometimes flyfish the Upper Muskegon River spring and fall. I have been wadeing but would like to get away more and relax. I,ve studied the good fisherman and asked questions. In my opinion drift boats seem to be the answer in that section of the Muskegon. West Michigan marine dealers don't seem to have a big calling yor drift boats, and don,t stock any. Their should be other dealers in Michigan away from the "Big Lake" that do. I'm asking for someone to stear me in the right direction. Thank You. Norm Johnson.:)
  2. Well, I dunno West Michigan from UP from LP, :confused:
    but Hyde Drift boats has a place in Newago, wherever that may be.


    I love my Hyde Combo :thumb:
  3. There are a few dealer of DB's in your neck of the woods. Check for Hyde for sure, Clackacraft, and fishrite had dealers there. Also, go to a few local fishing bulletin boards. I know a couple GL sites that have DB's show up from time to time.
  4. Drift Boats

    Have you looked into pontoon boats? I fish in Western WA and bought one (Creek Co. 1018) to float class 1, 2, and 3 rivers (AND LOVE IT!). They are easy to move in the river and give you alot of flexability. My wife bought me the Creek Company 1220 so that she can join me for summer run and some winter run fishing (what a gal that's why I'm keeping her) and I have a hard time deciding which boat to take out now because I like eah one. You can pick a pontoon boat over trouble spots and load it on top of a car or small pickup by your self. My buddy bought one at the same time as me, we tear up the rivers and lakes. Get one, you'll love it.
  5. Drift Boats

    My buddies and I have been searching for the perfect craft for several years. We currently have 2 Clackacrafts, 1 large raft, and 2 pontoons between us (I have a Clacka). What we've concluded is that each vessel has advantages. For example, a 4 day float trip works great with the Clackas and one raft for gear. Pontoons are great for day trips. A coordinated floatilla is a good thing!

    Side note...the new Hydes like extremely functional.

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