NFR Drive it like you have a pair, or... it's all fun and games until someone blows a gasket

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  1. So there we were on the homeward leg of the Yellowstone trip. My buddy was in the lead RV showing me that my truck would go faster. I was the pursuit vehicle. We were blowing up the Montana side of Lookout Pass and BANG... I had a sound that shook the truck and made me think I blew out a tire.

    Turns out real fast it wasn't a tire but a hose on my truck's turbo. I went from 65-70 mph heading up the pass down to at best 10 mph, creeping towards the summit. Luckily I only had a mile or so to go as I didn't want to try and park the truck on the road which was kinda steep.

    I had visions of this costing many hundred dollar bills as I thought it was the turbo or some other part on my 6.0 liter Ford diesel which had issues.

    My insurance company sent some roadside help. My other alternative was to wait until the next morning until a big flat bed could be sent. I have a crew cab and an 11 foot camper. The roadside help determined I hadn't broke any thing really bad and convinced me to limp 20 miles down the pass to where a repairman could tear into it.

    He looked inside and after a few minutes determined I'd blown a hose clamp off of one end of my turbo air intake. Boy that sure shuts things down when it happens.

    I think I will go back to my old way of driving like a white haired guy rather than keeping up with the youngsters.

    Total bill to get me back on the road was $100 which my insurance should reimburse me for.

    Did I mention we did not have cell service at the summit and had to get the ski resort to let me use their phone?
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  2. My worst nightmare is something like that happening, not on I-90, but way the hell back 75 miles of bad road and no cell phone signal.

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  3. That sounds like a happy ending to that story, could have been much worse. I drive an 06 ford F350 diesel for work and it has been a pain in the butt. (replaced a bunch of injectors, head gasket etc). Weird thing is: if I drive it like a grandpa, it breaks down. If I drive it balls to the walls, it runs like a champ. I can't get any tickets in a work rig, so I am in a jam.

    I have been adding fuel conditioner & checking fluids often etc, but I'm always afraid it is going to crap out when I'm in the sticks. We do a lot of work on cell sites all over the state, and I long for my old personal vehicle, a Toyota 4x4, with a solid 4 cylinder engine. Had 225,000 miles and NEVER had a problem.
  4. Simpler is better for me when getting around in the sticks.Give me my old subaru for the back country any day.

    I have fixed the same hose on buddies rig before.Ass patch untill we got down to Forks.

    Drove from Washington to Texas and back in May.Battled with the same question.Push the truck or conserve the truck.What I really found was that pushing the truck did not make up for Time on the road.I could push all day and get 750 instead of 700.Not worth the wear on the rig imo.Peeing in the pop bottle will get ya farther then hammering the rig.
  5. Pretty lucky actually. Usually when you hear a "bang" on a 6.0 Ford diesel, it's the engine itself blowing up.

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  6. Personally, no judgement on why others do, but I would never own a diesel. I just can't stand the clatter...I'll stick with my F-150...
  7. Do you have it chipped or tuned? They normally wont do that under stock boost pressure. I had a WRX that would do that to me but i had more then doubled the stock boost pressure. sounds exactly like you said, you here a pop and then you lose all power. Easy way to diagnose it next time, if it idles ok and only bogs down when you give it gas probably blew a coupler off somewhere.

  8. I had my turbo worked on about 6 months ago. As a "guesser mechanic" I'd say that hose clamp either wasn't tightened down per spec or it worked loose. No chips or tuning as that truck has plenty of torque. I've never used it all and wasn't even when going up Lookout Pass with the camper on.
  9. That is very, very true.

    Bill, it may be a good idea to have the CAC tubes in the 6.0 replaced when you get home. The tubes themselves can go as easily as the clamps.

    I've also had vehicle problems during a YNP trip... did you know that you can't back into one of the large rocks they drop around the parking areas of the rest stops in Montana and thusly whacking the rear differential cover without breaking the danged plastic sucker? Which then allows the differential fluid to start leaking out of the differential and seriously screws up your fishing vacation and cutting it short.
  10. they probably didn't tighten it down enough, I know when i first got into messing with turbo cars I was terrified of over tightening the couplers, after you blow a few loose you just learn to crank them down as tight as you can get them.
  11. Next time call 911 you'll get service quick. It's just not for emergency calls only. I've used it a few time while being stuck out in the boon docks. Everybody was friendly.
  12. In rural areas, people call 911 just to chat. Unfortunately, it does block the emergency calls if NOT enough dispatchers are on duty. I do know that during fires that get LOTS of calls regarding the fire situation that are non-emergency in nature.

    Every 911 center has a non-emergency number. For example in Chelan County it is 663-9911. I wonder if the 9911 format is a standard nationwide. Probably should be.
  13. some married guys like the clattering sound,reminds them of the wife.
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  14. I used it in Minnesota and once here in Montana. I hit a Deer in Minnesota at about 2 in the morning. And we got stuck in a no phone signal area. Calling 911 got me a tow from the Deer hit and a tow from the no signal area. People away from Washington are a lot more friendlier to a stranded motorist.

  15. Drop an 11ft camper on that half ton and see how she does.

    At least it only cost $100 to get you back on the road just think It could have been a WHOLE lot more
  16. I've no interest in a camper, never have. She does fine for her intended use...and does it quietly.
  17. I know what you mean that's why we went with a half ton and bumper pull trailer. I had to drive an in laws 1 ton with a 10ft and hated every minute of it
  18. The new diesels are quiet and efficient. I averaged 13.5 mpg at 65 mph with a 12,000 combined weight of camper and truck. My buddies truck even more so.
  19. I have a '95 for sale for $1500 with the 22RE and Washington plates.. Engine is +.005"and has 35k, head has less than 20k miles, and aftermarket Warn hubs.
  20. Where's the fun in that ! I'm thinking about buying some glass pack mufflers for mine so it will set off car alarms like a Harley !!

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