Dry Falls Report

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    Not much of a crowd today. I didn't get there until noon. One of the Wenatchee club members, a friend of mine who knows chronamid fishing, had only one to net when I arrived. He had pumped it and only daphnia. He never touched another fish. Set up on the 24 foot water with indicator and same fly that produced last Monday. Nada. Finally saw lots of shucks on top and moved out a little, wind blowing them in, and switched to black. That did the trick. Was into fish consistenly for the next two hours. Lots of the darker, spawner fish. Bigger than the chrome bright smaller ones without the jumping fight. A couple almost 18". Went flat at four o'clock. Fished until six thirty with only one more fish. A couple other guys trolling leeches got a few. Surface temp about 55. Shallow water still off color with lots of bottom "cow paddys" coming up. Was going to stay and fish Tuesday but decided not worth it for just two hours of productive fishing.
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    Having 3 kids 4 years and younger, I've seen my fishing time fractionalized in the past 5 years. I finally made it out to Dry Falls and I guess it is my turn to make a report.

    I made it out Friday, so this is already a couple of days old. It looks like I picked the correct day to go conditions-wise because it was windy over here all week and Saturday in particular was ugly. I'd be interested to know what it was like to try and fish that day.

    I was apparently more excited about getting the day to fish than I realized, because my eyes were wide open at 4:45 before I had planned to get up and this on only about 4-5 hours of sleep. I just got up at this point. I haven't had my pontoon boat out in a year or two now, so I knew I had some equipment checking to do. Amazingly I got to the lake without forgetting anything. I almost always forget the pump or oars, or fins, or seat, or anchor, or SOMETHING missing. The drive from Yakima is almost exactly 2 hours and I got there around 8:00 by the time I got packed up and on the road. Another 30 minutes to get my gear squared away and I was probably on the water sometime around 8:30. I'm glad I got up early, because the morning was beautiful. Really no wind, it was generally sunny, and the temperature was reasonably warm. In fact, I almost put my jacket back in the car. Glad I didn't. I set up in a little cove near the launch and had 2 fish in 2 casts within the first 10 minutes. I love fishing indicators in flat calm water, seeing the rings spread out when the indicator dives under. I had one more take under here, but that was all it produced. I set a timer for 10 minutes when I am setting up and everytime I hook a fish I'll reset it, but if I go a full 10 minutes without a take under I change something. Location, flies, depth, etc. Even if it is as simple as turning around and fishing to the deeper water instead of the shore. Once I find the fish, I don't bother with the timer anymore. After 30 minutes without another fish I moved over to another spot I like, but halfway there I saw a couple of fish dimple the surface in the same little area, so I stopped and made a cast in there and within a minute or two had my 3rd fish. I dropped anchor and spent another 10min without another take so I went over to the area I was aiming for. Again, I immediately got a couple of fish here and had a couple of other take unders, so I got completely sucked in. When my 10 minutes were up I simply moved in or out, or tried different flies. I was still getting occasional take unders and landed another fish, but despite the quick start I never REALLY got into them despite spending a solid couple of hours here experimenting with different things. The weather also turned at this point and the sun went away for good and the wind started. At first it was just a light breeze, but for the rest of the day it continued to build up. I finally left to go to a deep water spot I like and as I came out into the lake I watched a guy landing a fish off a point. There was plenty of room there so I decided to stop and try this area as well and it proved to be a good decision. I spent another couple of hours there and managed another 7-8 fish. They were pretty spread out. About every 10 minutes or so I'd get a take under and manage to hook and land one every 20 minutes or so. Decent action, but not really fast and furious either. This was on the windward side of the lake and the wind was really starting to make me uncomfortable and the fishing difficult, so when the bite seemed to die off I moved across the lake to a deep water spot I like. The trend on the lake is definitely towards people fishing the deep water now. Kind of interesting. Several years ago I was one of the only people who fished the really deep water and people who knew the lake would stop and ask me if I realized how deep it was where I was fishing. Everybody would be lined up along the lake edges. Now it is just the opposite. I was able to fish any piece of shoreline I wanted with impunity despite there being a good 30-40 people on the lake, and the boats were all balled up in the deep water areas of the lake. My deep water spot got me 3 takes, but it wasn't real fast and furious so I moved over to the shoal by the observatory where it is easier to fish with the shorter leader. As was kind of the theme the entire day, I had my first fish within a minute or two and another take under, but then nothing. I moved in and out, to different parts of the shoal, but couldn't find another. I tried one more spot just outside of the bay and got another one right away, then nothing. By now the wind was blowing pretty good, I was actually getting pretty cold (glad I had my jacket now), so I trolled in using a black and red tinsel bugger. I picked up 2 trolling in and lost a couple of others. In fact, watching the other fishermen, I think the guys trolling did as well as the guys using indicators today. In all I landed around 20 fish for the day and lost a few more while messing with my indicator when it didn't pop off. I had a period where I size 12 black snocone was the only fly they would touch, and then for awhile it was a size 14 red sno cone. I tried about 10 different patterns, but they really only wanted the sno cones of the flies I tried. I went down to a size 18 at one point, and tried some bigger damsel patterns as well without luck. It seemed like there were fish everywhere, but not many anywhere. I had that one spot that produced for a couple of hours, but I got the impression that I was just intercepting cruising fish. In fact, there were 3 of us anchored along there and there were 3 times where we would each hook up in successive order as if a school of fish were cruising by. I'd see the far guy hook up and a minute or so later the guy next to me would hook up, and then a minute or two after that my indicator would go under.

    A good day of fishing, hopefully I'll get out again soon.
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    If ya can't get out much, that is the way it should be. Nice report.