Dry Fly on the Cedar

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  1. I have been out the last 2 nights and the fish have been rising like crazy in the last hour. I have thrown almost everything that I could see around at them and have had only a few takers. I have tried rusty spinner, EHC, mayflies, adams, and others all in about the 14 to 16 range on 5x. I have not been able to see what they are eating though. It has been really tough to see but should I go even smaller with a bigger fly in front and 6x. If anybody has had any luck or suggestions, I would appreciate the help.

    Thanks Mark
  2. Maybe they are hitting emergers. Try a small soft hackle.
  3. Try a dropper off a big EHC- size 14 copper john
  4. PMD spinner, #18. Throw that 2 feet behind an EHC or something.
  5. Maybe they are hitting emergers. Try a small soft hackle.

    Old Man hit it on the head, swing a pale yellow body soft hackle, let it sink, and they often hit on the rise of the hang down when the line goes tight. I suspect that they key in on emergers rising in the early evening, not spinners falling.
  6. So the 16-20" fish you are landing on the streamer isn't good enough?
    Do you think you will get the 20" bows to rise for your dry fly?

    If you get the big fish to rise for your dry fly... i will be in your back pocket on the next trip to the Cedar.
  7. Thanks for all the advise, I will most likely be out in the middle of the week to give it all a try and report back. And yes Big Bertha was there I saw her come up to the top, when I get her on the dry there will be a picture(with fly in mouth).

    Thanks Mark
  8. I'd try an emerger, like everyone says. If that doesn't work my go-to fly for little stuff I can't figure out is a Griffith's Gnat tied really small.
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  9. Try a dropper hopper dropper rig.

  10. +1
  11. Had good success yesterday morning with a chernobyl and a pmd tied 18" back. The little guys came up readily for both....nothing over 8". Anything larger on a stone fly nymph.
  12. Finally got back out tonight to my spot. Try the emerger, worked well landed two small ones and hooked an 18+ incher that went airborne twice before snapping me off. Had a few other hits also. Thanks for the advice probably would never have tried it without the suggestions. I will give the soft hackle a shot next time out. Thanks again .


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