Dry Fly Trap Discovered on S Fork

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Greg Price, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. I was in heavy cover on small side channel of the S Fork Snoqualmie yesterday.

    Hiding behind a large root wad, I dropped my #16 dry fly into a likely looking pool. Normally, the line went tight as the current took my fly downstream. But in this pool, the line stayed limp, kind of like the fly was levitating (weird, huh?) Maybe a small bird picked it up? Maybe an ailien was messing with me?

    I popped up, looked over the root wad - and the culprit was - a spider web had caught my dry fly.

    This happened several times over the course of the day. I am impressed that the fragile spider webs have the capacity to steal my dry flies.

  3. Funny cartoon there, Gene.
    Having been born under the bad sign of Virgo (the sign of harsh critics and nitpickers), I am forced to point out that spiders have 8 legs.:p
    Otherwise, those are good looking spiders!
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  4. Gene, did you draw that up of find it on the net?
  5. What??? A cartoonist of Gene's caliber posting the art of another cartoonist? That'll be the day. I don't know about cartoonists, but a sci-fi writer I know once frowned and bristled with jealously when I mentioned that I had just read and really liked a sci-fi novel written by someone much more popular than him. Tch, tch.:D

    (Look closely and you'll see it signed "Trump").
  6. Hey, quit trying to pick the fly shit out of the pepper.
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  7. Can't help myself. Can't even stop myself! Born under a bad sign...:eek:
    We could use more spiders, and then there'd be less flies around to shit in the pepper!

    You need to get over your gout, get out and terrorize some trout, and try to not jump and shout, or you might fall over and knock yerself out!:p
  8. The other two legs are hidden by their bodies :D (did you know the traditional manner in which to draw cartoon hands on people characters was to limit it to 4 fingers? some cartoonist still draw hands with only four fingers so my spiders can lack a few legs :p)
  9. I steal them all from that Trump guy :D
  10. Is that fly a black coachman?
  11. And now I have to worry about spider webs to float my dry???????? Dang!! It's always something....:)

    Oh, funny cartoon Gene!
  12. I ain't going anyplace. Four days of 90 plus temps is killing me. I need the temps in the low 80's to survive.
    I've seen bad poetry before but you got to be the worlds worst.
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  13. Geezus! Suddenly you guys have become cartoon critics :p

    For some reason, the web wasn't showing up from the original file so I had to contrast the devil out of the image so it would... thus the darkening of the Royal Coachman colors. Happy now? :D

  14. WELL, I guess so......
    But a black coachman looks interesting. Was looking for a fishing report. Oh well.
  15. Charlie, it's a cartoon. I don't actually attempt to fish with the cartoon flies I draw.

    However.... a black Royal Coachman may not be such a bad idea.
  16. OK, now who's calling the flyshit picker pepper colored?

    Temps are pushing high 70's inside my house, and only mid 60's outside. Sea surface temp is almost enough to slow cook a frog at 62 F, so I'm going to check the surf before I dig myself in any deeper here. Took me all day to recover from yesterday's marathon paddle to nowhere and back.
  17. Hey Gene, I have a poster of Mickey Mouse surfing at the Pipeline stashed somewhere. I'll have to dig it out.
    I do recall that Mickey Mouse is a goofy foot.
  18. Gene,

    My apologies, I was not aware that you are a cartoonist. That art is world class. Thank you for making it.

    By the way, I was back at the S Fork yesterday harassing poor innocent native cutties, brookies and rainbows. Spider web caught a few flies again.
  19. Critic's, aren't they wonderful. I understand where you are coming from. I don't ever knock anything funny. And your cartoons are just that.

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