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  1. FYI
    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
    600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091


    July 15, 2013
    Contact: Bruce Bolding, (360) 902-8417

    Public meetings set on proposed
    treatments for three eastside lakes

    OLYMPIA - State fishery managers will host four public meetings in late July to discuss proposals to treat three lakes in eastern Washington with rotenone, a naturally occurring pesticide commonly used to remove undesirable fish species from lakes and streams.

    The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is proposing to treat Badger Lake in Spokane County, Spectacle Lake in Okanogan County, and the Hampton and Pillar-Widgeon Lake chains in Grant County this fall to remove species ranging from bass and bullhead to stunted panfish.

    The Pillar-Widgeon chain is made up of 10 waters, including: Pillar, Snipe, Cattail, Gadwall, Poacher, Lemna, Shoveler, Sago, Hourglass and the Widgeons. The Hampton Chain is made up of Upper and Lower Hampton, Hampton Slough, Hen, Dabbler, Marie and three small, unnamed ponds.

    "The goal is to restore trout populations by removing competing species that have essentially taken over," said Bruce Bolding, WDFW warmwater fish program manager. "Illegally stocked fish compete with trout fry for food and prey, rendering efforts to stock trout fry ineffective."

    Public meetings to discuss the lake treatments proposed by WDFW are scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. on the following dates at the following locations:

    • July 18 - Ephrata , at the WDFW Region 2 Office, 1550 Alder St. N.W.
    • July 29 - Olympia , at the Natural Resource Building, 1111 Washington St., Room 175.
    • July 30 - Tonasket , at the City Hall Council Chamber, 209 S. Whitcomb.
    • July 31 - Cheney, at the Cheney Library, 610 1st St.

    In addition to input received at the public meetings, WDFW will consider written comments received through Aug. 23. Comments should be addressed to Bruce Bolding, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, 600 Capitol Way N., Olympia, WA 98501-1091.

    Final consideration of the proposals will be made by the WDFW director in early September.

    Rotenone is an organic substance derived from the roots of tropical plants, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved for use as a fish pesticide and as an insecticide in the agriculture industry. It has been used by WDFW in lake and stream rehabilitations for more than 70 years, and is commonly used by other fish and wildlife management agencies nationwide.

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  2. I fished upper Hampton on the April 1st opener and didn't see any fish activity. Lower Hampton on the other hand fished fairly well.
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  3. Zen:

    I figured that you would chime in on this one. Looks like the closest meeting for you would be Ephrata.
  4. I gave input to Chad back when he visited our club in April. I suspect it got him thinking.
  5. There are a couple on that list that I've fished since the early 80's that I hope they rehab.
    The 3rd year after rehab can be toad city.
    Best thing is they plant fry in a lot of those lakes, not triploids.
  6. I talked to Chad today. The Hampton chain won't have fish for next year's season as WDFW is only allowed to plant fry on the CWR lakes. He was at the Moses Lake fishing pier dedication.
  7. Chad's a nice guy. Glad you got to talk to him. I talked to him on the March 1st and April 1st openers.
  8. Who's Chad?

  9. He's the head biologist over here.
  10. Cool. Would be a good guy to know.
  11. You might ask him to come to your club and give a fishing potential presentation. I know he does do that for a few clubs.
  12. I would be great if someone would tape his presentation this coming winter and post here.

    Some clubs are NOT very friendly when non-members show up once a year for a presentation by a public employee.

  13. Better than never isn't it? I don't know what Chad does as far as compensation, but that ultimately is his own time and energy beyond the public employ thing.

    Now for me, I am also paid by the public (school teacher) but when I present to clubs, my wife demands more than gas money. And with that let's call this a shameless plug, my stillwater presentation kicks butt.
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  14. Vladimir, you are welcome to come to our club any time. I've invited non members to hear both Ira's and Chad's presentations.

  15. Ira, I would be happy to pay to see your presentation.

    However, Chad is a public employee talking about information derived from his employment. As a public employee, on issues related to my job there was no way I could express an opinion different from my "official professional opinion".

    When I was working my wife finally said enough......No more than two weekends a month with public presentations. AND the Federal government had to pick up my per diem since they could print money and we could not!!

    I had to pick and chose which presentations I could spare the personal and professional time to do.

    But guess what, once I retired NOBODY asked me to do a presentation!!! Wow, I did not know that I was that bad of a public speaker or JUST MAYBE THEY ONLY CARED WHAT I THOUGHT IN MY "OFFICIAL CAPACITY"!!

    When I was working all my meetings and presentations with groups were open to the public. In thirty years, it came up once or twice. My response was the public stays or I go. Government needs to be open and transparent.

    Even if public employees donate their time the only reason they are invited is because of their "official capacity".

    Now if Chad wants to talk about "early childhood education in American Samoa" he can charge and kick the public out!!!
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  16. Fair enough, fair enough.
  17. When we have had "superstars" at our fly club, (like Ira!) the number of non-members swells, which is just great with us! Always nice to meet new fly fishers! Rick
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  18. Sometimes the non-members become members that way.
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  19. Too kind Rick, too kind! I did love your group up there and the bridge thing made it all so much more interesting.

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