dubbed bodies

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. GAT Active Member

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    Yet another reason to hate technology...:D
  2. Mark Mercer Member

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    I've not found a thread that doesn't flatten when spun counter clockwise.....except Uni. I like Uni for general tying but not for anything that needs the thread flattened. Of course if you have digital clocks like Gene and Bill you have to think a little bit before you start spinning.:)
  3. Trevor Hutton New Member

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    How does splitting compare in terms of speed and ease with creating a dubbing loop? I use loops a lot, but have never done any split thread stuff.
  4. mr trout Trevor Hutton

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    Tag - to follow post. Just figured out my old username and password for the site. Been off here a few years, but I'm back. Good to see a lot of familiar names still on the forum!
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    Dubbing loops do not work very well on small bodies or sparse bodies. Dubbing loops have their place as does all tying technique at one place or another. I use a lot of split thread dubbed bodies.
  6. Mark Mercer Member

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    Big bushy fly, dubbing loop.... small fly, split thread, it makes a much smaller and finer body and isn't any harder or slower when you get it down. It's good to know both ways.