Duck Dynasty?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. It seems everywhere I go, or whatever station I listen to on the radio, I hear about the Duck Dynasty...even on ESPN.

    I don't have cable or Dish, but I can stream Amazon Prime through the kids Wii system.

    I was thinking about checking out the first season, but I'm not sure if I want to waste my time getting sucked into a "reality TV" show. Is that was it is?
  2. I didnt know the Nintendo Wii was also a steamer. Have you tried steamed clams with it yet?
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  3. Talk of that "show" should not be allowed in the forum period. Those assholes have bred a new breed of duck hunter that a) does not understand decoys/calling b) sky blasts at singles 70 yards away c) no respect when ducks are working your own decoys/calls
  4. Har Har, Hardy Har Har :p
  5. Good show. I enjoy watching it with the kids via Netflix. Started watching about a month or 2 ago. Reality-ish. Good clean family fun that often involves redneck entertainment like explosions, shooting things, and the like. The promotors are riding it hard, and that kinda sucks, but what do you expect when they find a show that is a big hit with such a large group of people? Marketing maddness.
  6. Fixed it for you.
  7. My mistake good sir
  8. I enjoy it, but agree it is like every other "redneck reality" show. It breeds a new generation of idiots who do not understand the concepts of the sport. Same goes with four wheeling, fishing, hunting, etc.
  9. It's not the Robertson's fault that most of our nation can't discern parody and humor from reality. They have a deep respect for the sport. Since the show rarely shows any hunting where did you get this idea?
  10. These reality shows drive me nuts. I don't waste my time with them. I like watching the Military channel. Lots of history there. Or maybe the History channel. I gave up on the Sasquatch hunters. You would think by now they would of seen one. Three years now and no ape to be had.
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  11. Maybe they could spot the one that lives in Dillon.
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  12. I'm sure that there are people on this forum that have fished for ten years and have yet to hook a steelhead
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  13. I agree with you, I think it is just stupid.
  14. No need to insult the noble sasquatch.
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  15. My grandkids, who live out in the sticks, love the show. I've only seen bits of it, because (like Old Man) I don't care to watch reality shows.

    But I can see where they would find watching the Military or History channel boring...grainy black and white films of a time that is, to their young minds, as distant as Roman Legions occupying the Black Forest of Germany.

    I do, however, admire who ever is managing their effective marketing program; they know there's a short 'shelf-life' to this stuff, and are making hay while the sun shines.
  16. Kids now a days don't know shit about the second world war. I asked my 18 year old about it and her mind was blank. Kids now don't care what happened in that era. It's history, they should care.
  17. When I was 18 I didn't know, or give a shit, about history. Hunting, fishing, girls, and beer were my interests. With time comes perspective and maturity. I've been married for a half century, so my interests in girls has been somewhat moderated by experience, age, and a concern for my personal safety.

    Frankly, I'd worry about an 18 year old who was actually interested in WWII. Each generation learns its own lessons...if they don't, it's just some old fart (like us) telling them they ought to care about ancient history. Some are just better at blowing smoke up our asses.

    What do you know (without doing a websearch) about the Peloponnesian War (other than it's a bitch to spell correctly)? You ought to care (it's history!)but you really don't...although its ramifications affect you to this day (I just made that last part up...but how would you know? Some bozo with a lot of acronyms behind his name could probably offer some compelling arguments).
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  18. I generally agree with what your saying, but for an 18 year old today WWII is hardly "ancient" history! It is recent American history. Our country is so young that everyone should know and appreciate all of the historical events in our short time as a nation.
    I don't know much about the Peloponnesian war but I bet the Peloponnesian's do.
  19. They don't at the age of 18. That comes later, when they're grown-up, stuck at home, and so desperate for entertainment they end up watching the History Channel....from there it's a short hop to becoming a Peloponnesian War re-enactment buff (and the weird uncle nobody wants to sit next to at holiday dinners). :)
  20. As a retired teacher, I have to agree that kids should know about history. But...every day we live is a new day in history. The text books aren't set up to give pages to all of history, unfortunately. Look for anything on Viet Nam. Same thing. Besides that,history is hardly touched on in any classrooms. We're interested in Math, Reading, and writing almost exclusively. I used to read a book to my students every year about a boy growing up in Warsaw during the Nazi invasion and the beginnings of the death camps. I was slammed by some parents for reading a book in which children smoked and questioned as to why I chose that particular book. The parents had never read it and declined to do so. It was written by a highly celebrated childrens author, for children, and gave a child's perspective of the holocaust. The parents just plain didn't get it. Fortunately my Principal refused to have the book removed from the library or the classroom. Good on her.
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