Duck Dynasty?

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  1. I don't understand how this was gotten from the show. I watch it and very little is on actual duck hunting, most is about life.
  2. There are two facets to the Robertsons, Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander. Dynasty deals with the "reality" show and it's about family values and life, not hunting. Commander is their store front for duck hunting. If you want to learn about their hunting values I can loan you their video "10 Commandments of Duck Hunting". BTW, they will never call you an asshole...
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  3. Sky busting has gone on forever. My buddy quit duck hunting 15 years ago because it bothered him so much.
  4. Only watched the show once... my wife's sister had been raving about how funny it is. I have to admit, it was comical, but as with most of these type shows, they start running thin on substance for me in short order. I think much of the popularity of the reality shows rests with fact the so much has changed with traditional family lifestyles (I'll bet it's now the exception that family's have a sit down dinner free of TV or i-Pads)... it's almost like folks are living vicariously through these shows.
  5. Yup, I sure miss those traditional sit-down family dinners...old man and old lady glaring and yelling across the table at each other, cigarettes constantly blazing throughout the meal. Good times!
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  6. My early years was life with out all they have now. No TV, Video games, cell phones or anything else in the line of electronic junk. After Sunday dinner we would sit around the radio and listen to Gangbusters, The Shadow. And a few others. I heard FDR tell us about Pearl Harbor. I have just found that I like reading about it. It's all interesting.
  7. I too remember listening to the radio before cable tv came to the valley.
  8. I kinda was wondering that about the show.

    As far as the TV goes at supper time...uh, no way. My kids get an hour of "screen time" 3 times a week. That's either a computer game, or a video/DVD, but only 3 days out of the week, with exceptions for family movie night. Kids need to be kids - i.e. ride bikes/football/baseball/beat the crap out of dad/etc.

    I don't want my kids growing up (being conditioned by/thinking) they need some sort of electronic device to be entertained. Call me 'Old School' or whatever, but we don't want the TV to "babysit" our kids.

    We have sit down dinners just about every night. Who needs a TV screen? I have 4 little ones. My wife and I truly wonder what we did for entertainment before we had children. :D
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  9. Yep, we still have sit down family dinners. Good times. No TV or electronics allowed at the table. We actually talk to eachother :)

    I must have had pretty good history teachers or just paid attention better than most. Because I knew more about history before I was 18 than many of you it sounds like. World history, ancient history, vietnam, wwI, WWII, US History, etc. Probably the only one I really didn't care for was WA State history. Something about the weebles and the wobbles...
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  10. Good for you. But it ain't a real old fashioned traditional family dinner unless there's cussin' and fightin'. Your education, however, must have skipped punctuation. ;)
  11. Don't worry, you'll remember what you did for entertainment after they're grown-up and gone. Hopefully, it won't result in another 'little one'.
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  12. If it does...she's in big trouble! :p
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  13. Junk Junk and more Junk. IF watching people live their lives on tv is entertaining to you...... life is passing you bye.
  14. I have been watching the show from the beginning. It is about the trials and tribulations of a family that happens to build duck calls. For me it is low level comic relief. If you can't get a few laughs out of the antics of Silas Robertson then you better go check to see if you have a pulse.
    There is very little that is real about the show except it is damn funny. Lighten up and enjoy it for what it is, I'm out JACK!
  15. time for the good professor to weigh in: I've had a scattergun in my hands since I was 8. and I'm past 65 now. I've been in a duck blind since I was 4, so i know a thing or two about hunting and shooting them. First, I rarely see the Robertsons miss a shot. Second, the camera makes ducks appear to be waaaay out there, but in reality, they're only about 30-40 yards out. That's NOT skybusting. Third, their deeks are set up pretty much the way I'd set mine depending on weather conditions and wind, having been observing and setting them myself for more than half a century. In Louisiana, they're apparently permitted to use electronic decoys like the mojo mallard and the moving strings, which we here are not. Good for them; they're getting the full use out of what's available. Fourth, their calling is first-rate. While I have one of Phil's original calls, I prefer a Mallardtone M-295 most of the time since it's a better close-in call, but their wooden calls will get the job done very well. Phil Robertson especially, is a superb duck caller, and you heard this from someone who's good enough on his own calls to knock out Mancini's Moon River on his calls-when I'm bored. From what I've seen, they have a decent hunting ethic among others in the "Sportsman's Paradise", and eat what they shoot. Anyone who refers to them as "assholes", in my book, can't tell a mallard from a widgeon. Or his butt from a warm rock.
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  16. I have seen sasquatch. End of July 2005 in Josephine county, OR. I'm being completely honest.
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  17. Traditional? Maybe if you grew up in a trailer park. As for my ejamactation - I'm still a product of our public education system, so you get what you pay for...
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