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  1. Hi Everyone-

    I'd like to get in to fly tying. Never done it before, but really excited to start. A local shop here has graciously offered to sit down with me for a day and teach me the basics. So now I'm looking for a vise...

    Due to a guided trip falling through, I have a credit of a few hundred bucks at a fly shop. When I inquired about which vises they carry, he said he only carried Dyna King, and recommended "The Indexer" model. Just wanted to see what you guys think about these vises.

    I realize they're a little expensive for a first vise, but I'd rather invest the money now than buying a cheaper one that will have me wanting to upgrade in a few months.

    So- are the is this vise worth the $450, or should I be looking at something else? I can always apply my credit towards something else.

    I will probably be primarily tying larger flies for Steelhead, Pike, and Musky if that makes a difference. It would also be great to pack these up and take them on trips/flights...I'm not sure if you have to buy separate vises for traveling or not...the Indexer model weighs in at over 10 pounds.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my beginner questions. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. I use 2 Brands of vice. Dyna King Barracuda and Regal. I tie commercially and it is my opinion that you really don't need the indexer. The Barracuda @ $399 or even the Barracuda Jr @ $365 will keep you very happy for many years.

    Do not settle for the Barracuda Jr/Trekker model @ $265. It has the same jaws, however the rest of the vice has aluminum substituted for the stainless steel body and cam handle and plastic adjustment nobs.
  3. I agree with defranksflies. The Dyna King Barracuda or Barracuda Jr. is all the vise you will ever need. I bought my Barracuda the first year the hit the market, have tied approximately 1 million flies on it (I tied commercially, but don't do it now because I don't have time), and have never had a single problem. Plus the Dyna King hold hooks with a vengeance. Both the Barracuda and Barracuda Jr. are available with a pedestal base, which allows you to set it up and tie on any flat surface.

    The Indexer is not worth the extra money and the Barracuda Jr. Trekker isn't worth it due to the aluminum body and cam handle along with the plastic adjustment nobs.

    Since the shop has an Indexer, if they don't have a Barracuda or Barracuda Jr. in stock, they can easily get one for you. Use the other money to buy the other tying tools you will need and some materials.
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  4. +1 on the DK Barracuda from a non-commercial tier - it's a great piece, extremely well made and looks like it will last for decades. I've tied anything from a size 8 to 5/0 and it's been flawless. (I'm sure it will go well below size 8, I just never tie smaller than that).
  5. My primary tying vise is a DK Barracuda Jr and the tool has yet to ever let me down and it does everything I ever need. I highly recommend Dyna King.
  6. I have tyed on the DK Professional for years. While it is not a rotary vise I love this vise.
  7. Own a Dyna King
    My wife bought it for me (YES.... I love her very much!!)
    I don't know how to work most of it but I sure enjoy tying with it
    It's the Regal
  8. I've had this very question. Thanks musky for asking it and thanks to everyone who's chimed in!!
  9. I own the Barracuda and highly recommend it. I've tied on 2/0 1/8 oz jigs to size 24 midges with it and have never had a problem.
  10. What exactly is the "indexing" feature??
  11. Eight detent "stops" positioned 45° apart.
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  12. I bought a Baraccuda this year and so far I love it to death. I haven't tied many trout flies on it, but I have tied a bazillion salt flies and for that it is fantastic. It's built like a tank. I can put a ton of pressure on it from all angles and the vise, nor the hook, moves.

    I don't see the indexer thing being all that fantastic, but maybe its worth the money. I just use the botton tension screw thing to lock the jaw in place at whatever angle I need, which is usually just upside down while tying clousers.
  13. So...
    what's the application??
  14. I enjoy my barracuda and find it very useful for trout and steelhead flies. However I prefer my peak rotary over the dyna king because of it's versatility and stability.
  15. The Peak seems like a great vise, but I have a bit of a difficult time believing it could possibly be more stable than a Barracuda.

  16. My mistake. My dyna king is a "kingfisher." My Peak has a larger base and is generally larger providing that stability. The jaws on the kingfisher though hold smaller hooks tighter.
  17. The folks at Dynaking make a fantastic product. The Baracuda jr is used mainly for tying big bass bugs, but with a spin of the jaw adjustment, 14s and 16s are really no sweat.

    The plus-one I get is my wife thinks it looks cool..."modern functional art" so it can remain out and visible.

    Stick with all metal adjustments as stated before
  18. Thanks very much for all your comments and help. They didn't have just a straight Barracuda, so I picked up the Barracuda Indexer. Seems really well built and nicely crafted.

    Thanks again.
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  19. DynaKing Barracuda: Stainless Steel construction. Built like a tank. Lifetime guarantee. Full rotary, adjusts for any hook size. Now if I could hook it up to a foot operated motor,,,,,:D
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  20. I feel like a mule in a horse race. my dynaking will not hold a hook. I have tried adjusting it with no help. I live in a small town and no one knows squat about a vise. I have tried a regal and A TRAVELLER, and like them better. tried to trade it and no deal. is there a lemon or is my inability to figure out what is what? on the other hand it is a nice looking vise. mike w

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