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  1. Holy shit, just looked at ticket prices for the 9/4 wanna go, but $107 to $2091...seriously? The $107 are so far up and back I'm sure viewing is by binoculars only. And $2091 for ground front of stage... yeah right. Guess I'll just reminisce about the 2 times I saw them at the Oakland Coliseum.

    Anyone going?
  2. Article? How about NFR? Edited to prevent mass hysteria because some would think this was a fishing article. Me, I'm not going.
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  3. You think that's bad, go look at the Rolling Stones tour. Think the low end ticket was $700, and they were SELLING OUT!
  4. Saw them at the Coliseum as well... George Thorogood & The Destroyers led them onto stage. As much as I like seeing the great bands of yesteryear, those prices simply take the wind out of the sails for me. We saw REO Speedwagon at the Snoqulamie Casino and Heart at the Fair last summer-- $40-80 is palatable.
  5. REO vs Eagles is night and day though.
  6. My wife dug into her account to see the Black Crowes with me in Telluride. The tickets are the cheap portion of this trip. I would pay much more to see a number of bands. Of course they are all in their prime.

    Actually, that's not true. I wouldn't spend more. I'd spend the money on my boat or gas to catch steelhead. I would wait for my wife to offer to spend her money.

    3-2 Sox (8),
  7. Hell, I can barely afford Willy nelson tickets at Marymore park, at eighty years old I'm hoping Willy can remember the words to the songs
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  8. I saw Willie in a small venue in Syracuse, NY 12 or years ago. Excellent show.

    5-2 Sox (8),
  9. Who are the Eagles? I guess I'm already gone, now I'll take it easy for awhile.
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  10. I'll just listen to their CD's much cheaper in the long run.
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  11. You mean 8 track, right?
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  12. No -
    45's and 78's
  13. I miss the old days when they opened for Ronstadt
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  14. What ever you say Ed. I don't believe they were on a 8 track. But they were on cassettes.
  15. Jim,
    They weren't on 45's or 78's either, but we both remember those don't we? :)
  16. I'll wait until they perform in the police benefit tour in Tacoma.
  17. Yes I can. Some of the best music out there is the big band sound. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Bert Kempert. Even some of the classics are better listening than this new shit they call music. Ugh, Rap, Heavy metal. Most of the new singers don't sing they scream.

    Now here I go remembering the past.
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  18. I've had it with major venue concerts like Key Arena. It's been a few years, but we did the "get online 10 minutes before tickets go on sale, and keep hitting "refresh" until I finally got in 9 minutes after it opens, then selected the "best seats available" option, and for around $300 got seats in the 2nd tier and 90 degrees to the stage, or else 100 yards away at an oblique angle." These were for a Stones concert and Eric Clapton.

    We went to the lessor venue at St. Michelle Winery yesterday/last night, had a picnic with lots and lots of wine on the lawn. Tickets were $59. Performers weren't superstars, but it was an enjoyable evening with Nikki Bluhm, Rodrigo y Gabrialle, and Michael Franti & Spearhead. I do like the superstar bands, but the concerts just aren't that fun when I pay ginormous prices for lousy seats. I'm finding that just listening to decent live music at smaller venues is an overall more enjoyable experience, and a small fraction of the cost.

  19. My dad had them on 8 track:) good memories with the Eagles! topic saw four eagles flying above me yesterday fishing!
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  20. Best concert I ever went to was at St. Michelle Winery with my wife and kids when they were still in high school.
    Crosby, Stills and Nash - We had a blast

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