NFR Eagles - Key Arena

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  1. 8 track's... that brings back some memories. I remember when the cassette hit the market and replaced the passe 8-track and we were all busy in our driveways installing AM/FM cassette stereo's. The music of the 60, 70's and early 80's is legendary.
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  2. I had a friend who's bedroom was in the basement of his parents house. One night, we got into an old closet that he never opened because his bed used to be infront of it... It held a mint Pioneer 8 track player, two sweet speakers, and three orange boxes full of 8 tracks!!! We thought we had just won the lotto!
  3. I don't remember the last concert i went to, and like Jim, I'll get the CD if I really want to hear their music-which I don't; it's like listening to somebody strangling a cat.

    I know, I know: you guys will all jump on me and ask if I enjoy Lawrence Welk or something like that, but no, thank God, and I usually don't enjoy polka music unless I've had more than a few beers. Nope, a good Francesco Geminiani, maybe a Mozart or Bach, all the way up to a Loreena McKennitt CD. The current crop of crap, though, is just that.
  4. What's a CD?

  5. I thought CD's were over. All of my much younger co workers have some kind of service on their phone and bluetooth in their cars.
  6. Save you $$$ and go see Pearl Jam on December 6 @ the Key!
  7. I use to attend lots of concerts but the cost
    of tickets, pre function, post function, and
    gas to and from makes it a mid three figure
    outing. I still have the ticket stub from December
    1971 for The Who at the Coliseum..... $6.50.

  8. Huh? My phone doesn't work if I take it outside the house, and I'm already blue in the tooth-make that long in the tooth-so I don't need whatever "bluetooth" is. On the plus side though, my ass doesn't randomly dial somebody when I sit down!
  9. My parents who liked listening to and playing classical, swing, and what I'd call the "easy listening" pop music of their day were very understanding and supportive when I was playing T40 as a kid in the 60s so knowing where I came from I wouldn't be quite that critical about music I don't enjoy listening to. But playing BG, GM, Basie, Ellington... on guitar in 18 piece big bands, and guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, harmonica... (anything I can do that a director needs) in theatrical pit orchestras over the last 20 years or so has been the most fun I've had in my 52 years of playing.

    Again I am not sure I'd say the same exact thing about the "current crop" but King FM and KVTI (NPR) for Classical and Thistle and Shamrock get the most time on my home receivers. They split time with Olympia's KBRD eclectic nostalgia streaming in the car. I'm not comfortable in big crowds either, unless I'm on stage :) .
  10. I have a classical CD buried someplace in my CD case. Every once in a while I'll play that CD and crank the volume up. I like to swing and sway to the music.
  11. Old Man Jim, I bet you swing and sway to your intrinsic lack of balance. You just think it's the music.

  12. I am partially deaf in my left ear. So my walking is a bit irregular. I tend to stagger a bit when I walk. I think that I'm a physical wreck for a human being. But I do feel good.

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