East Cape Baja Driving?

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  1. Heading back to SJDC on Friday. Beyond fishing around Puerto Los Cabos, I want to run up the coast to the East Cape but am worried about my VW Jetta rental. The prices for a real 4wd or even an SUV were absolutely ridiculous. Anyone familiar with the drive up, either the East Cape Road or Rt 1 to La Ribera? I was going to try to hit the beaches around La Ribera and Punta Arena but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get that far in a German midsize. Are there rules on beach access or parking along the way? Would I be crazy to ditch the car on the side of the road and hit the beach for a few hours? Thanks.
  2. A couple of years ago I drove from the corridor to Cabo Pulmo in a compact rental car and it was not a problem. The roads were fine. I can't speak to rules for parking and beach access, but I remember scouting as we went and access points were not plentiful. We only parked near Cabo Pulmo and did some snorkeling. I felt less likely to come back to a break-in than in central Washington but we also didn't leave anything valuable in the car.

    Slightly off topic, but it is worth checking on your insurance options prior to arriving in Mexico. The rental agencies at the airport will be adamant that you need to purchase their CDW coverage (which is often more per day than the car). In many cases, if you use certain credit cards, they will provide the property danmage coverage as part of their cardmember agreement. You definitely want to purchase the Mexican liability coverage as your policy from the USA typically won't cover you in Mexico. A lot of folks would also say just buy the damn CDW and save yourself the potential hassle if you have an accident. But CDW is a rip-off..... and I am stubborn.
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  3. That's great, Cabo Pulmo is not too far off, but I'll need to stay outside the park. As I understand it, there is no fishing within it's boundaries. Did you take the east cape road or go up Route 1? I've had a bit of experience with overseas rental agencies (not the good kind), so now I just buy the full coverage from the rental agency, no questions. That way there are no surprises when I drop the car off - its just easier.
  4. We went up Route 1 and then turned off toward La Ribera and down to Cabo Pulmo. The advice I received was that the East Cape route is rougher and may not be suitable for a standard vehicle, but I don't have any experience with it. We also drove up to Los Barriles and poked around a little. Nice beach, we walked it with our fly rods, but didn't see anything. We had a good lunch though.
  5. Most of the roads that serve the East Cape communities are absolutely no problem for any vehicle. Lots of great beach access particularly in the Los Barriles area and to the north. I found found good action there last month ( Roosters, jack cravelle, sierra mackerel ).
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  6. If you do that, keep in mind that Mexico is an "guilty until proven innocent" country. If you get in a serious accident and there's any question over your ability to pay for damages, you will be held in jail until things are sorted out with your insurance company. The Mexican rental insurance is a rip-off, but I'll gladly take it in the proverbial shorts than take my chances in a Mexican jail.
  7. You are a wise man, especially in Mexico. I have driven that area a lot and I think the Jetta will be OK. I have always taken my Honda CRV which takes me anywhere on the Baja
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  8. You need" Legal Assistance" insurance added that will keep you out of Jail and on the road. I always get it as part of my 3rd party liability when purchasing my Mexican Insurance. A lawyer will respond and represent you while you can get on your way.No jail!!
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  9. That's great guys, thanks for the replies. I'll probably be spending 2 days driving around the area (maybe three if the girlfriend doesn't kill me). I imagine there aren't designated parking areas in the uninhabited regions. Do you just leave the car on the side of the road and go for it?

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