Echo 3 opinions? Other 4wt recommendations?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by greenomics, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for a 8'6" 4wt to add to my quiver. I already have an 8' 3wt to throw dry flies on small streams and a 9' 5wt as an all-arounder and guest rod. Both are Redington CTs.

    I mostly fish small and medium sized streams. I'd like this rod to throw dry flies and also hopper/dropper and smaller dual nymph setups. I've seen some good deals on the Echo 3 recently, but there is a paucity of reviews for it.

    I'm also open to recommendations for medium-fast and fast action rods in the $200 price range.

  2. If you look around and like the CT's you can get what your looking for for around $100
  3. I cast the TFO BVK recently (4 wt, 8.5 ft). It's a fast rod and I liked it. Retails for $225. If I found a deal I might buy it.
  4. While 8'6" 4wt logically seems like halfway between 8' 3wt and 9' 5wt, I think a 9' 4wt does all the small stream stuff an 8' 6" does, and casts dries for distance, mends, and nymphs better. A few more low-mid range rods to try if you get a chance: Loop Xact, Greys XF2 Streamflex, Winston VSL/Passport, Sage Flight etc.
  5. Try a TFO Finesse rod. They come in many sizes.
  6. Thanks for the responses. While I do like my CTs, I was looking for something a tad faster.

    The Echo 3 caught my eye because it is on discount right now and scored well in the 4 weight shootout. Admittedly that was the 7'10" model and there were complaints of it being too stiff for short casts.
  7. I got my 8'6 4wt BVK for 112.00 smackers at cabelas the other day. They are closing them out.
  8. I saw your post on the BVK closeout. Called Cabelas and they denied a sale. It's too far away for me to drive just to find out for sure. But yeah, I'd be all over it for $112.
  9. FWIW, I threw a 8' 4wt Steffen yesterday. Would quickly reach a most favored stattus. Most folks that swing both ways (glass & graphite) would agree that a glass rod should be a bit shorter than graphite in a given weight. Do yourself a favor and wiggle one.
  10. That is wierd. Heck that almost pisses me off that they would play that game to other people.
  11. Decided to go with a 8'6" Redington CPX that was on steep discount. I've seen mixed reviews on the CPX, but it seems to cast fine so far on the grass.
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  12. In my opinion the Sage Z-Axis 4wt is the best fly rod ever made. I've had mine since they were brand new and fish it whenever I possibly can. It's got good backbone for when you need it, but has a sensitive feel so even small fish are fun. I'm actually thinking about trying to find another one as a backup because I dig it so much. Not sure you can find one to fit your price range, but it'd be worth searching. Let me know what you find ;)
  13. Also picked up a older Sage RPL 490-4 for the heck of it. We'll see who reigns superior on the water.

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