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  1. Anyone fishing the new Echo or the new Airflo single hand lines ? I am trying to decide which to buy for my shadow PE in a 4 weight. I like the idea of the Airflo with the slightly larger diameter front section for nymphing. But also interested in the new Echo line in the same weight.

    I appreciate your thoughts if you are fishing one of these lines.

  2. I will be soon purchasing at least one of the new Airflo lines .... probably the Super Dry Elite for my Sage ZXL 5wt.

    I did see that the Super Dry Mend does have a slightly larger tip diameter that helps the new line float even better and higher than the other new Super Dry lines..... but damn that neon watermelon color line on the Mend is too much for me ....

    I have come across some good reviews of the Super Dry Exceed .... but still havent found out what the weight of the first 30 feet of line is.

    Kudos too anyone here who has the means to weigh a new 5wt Super Dry Elite and new 5wt Super Dry Exceed on a grains scale and report back.
    Lotsa kudos ! :D
  3. The color is one reason I am looking at the Echo line. It is moss green. I had also read that is supposed to be a great line but I hate to have my local shop get one and then not like it. The price is also one of it's good points. $50. $75 for the Airflo won't break the bank either. So I hope there is someone out there fishing them.
  4. Rajeff has small product overview videos on youtube that may help you pick a line:

    And these descriptions on the website:
    Super-Dri Exceed
    Designed for todays fast action fly rods. The slightly heavier weight forward head has a condensed taper optimized for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. WF3 to WF9, color is Pumpkin with a Lichen Green zone section.
    Core: Power Core
    Taper: WF
    MSRP: $74.99
    Sizes:3 through 9
    Colors: Pumpkin
    Super-Dri Elite
    The "go-to" trout taper. With a modest front taper and standard head length, this line does it all, good for all aspects of trout fishing. WF2F to WF7F and DT3F to DT6F available in Lichen Green with a Sunrise zone, or WF3F to WF7F in Sunrise Yellow with a Lichen Green zone.
    Core: Power Core
    Taper: WF and DT
    MSRP: $74.99
    Sizes:3 through 7
    Colors: Lichen Green, Sunrise Yellow
    Super-Dri Distance Pro
    Airflo's longest bellied line for single hand fishing. Designed for ultimate distance casts and extended mending control. A Pro-staff favorite. Available in WF5 to WF9. Color is Optic Green with a gray zone section.
    Core: Power Core
    Taper: WF
    MSRP: $74.99
    Sizes:5 through 9
    Colors: Optic Green
    Super-Dri Mend
    Designed to make nymph fishing and chucking big bugs easy. The MEND has a thicker tip diameter to help turn over indicator rigs, coupled to an extended head length for mending control at longer distances. With the hydrophobic coating, this thing mends like a beast. WF4 to WF8, color is Hot Coral with a Bright Yellow zone section.
    Core: Power Core
    Taper: WF
    MSRP: $74.99
    Sizes:4 through 8
    Colors: Hot Coral
    Super-Dri River and Stream
    Utilizing Airflo's proven Delta Taper provides all round performance and super smooth casting characteristics. The long front taper is a super technical presentation line and also excels at single handed spey casting. Available in WF3 to WF8, color is Pale Mint with an Orange zone section.
    Core: Power Core
    Taper: WF
    MSRP: $74.99
    Sizes:3 through 8
    Colors: Pale Mint
  5. Thanks I watched them all, guess I will have to stop in and see the guys at Echo when I go to see my Endocrine doc down in Vancouver next time and cast a couple to make sure what I want. See which one matches my Shadow PE best. I have a three weight for dries just need a 4 for nymphing at least that's what I think I want.
  6. I watched all those too....
    I want to know what the specs are on the Exceed and I beginning to think its an Airflo secret....
  7. Send an e-mail to rajeff and you'll get the beta that you're looking for.
  8. Persobal opinion, the echo line will be similar to an airflo entry level line, and probably is made by airflo seeig as rajeff sports distributes airflo in north america.
  9. I don't think that fly line color matters all that much. I used to use a bright yellow and still caught fish. I think it is the fly fisher that thinks he need a drab color so it won't scare the fish. A fly line laying in the water probably looks like a stick to the fish.

    Besides I need the bright color to be able to follow my line in the water.
  10. Need sunglasses to look at the Mend
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  11. Can't really go wrong with AirFlo or ECHO lines - Uncle Tim and Co. do a great job with both brands.

    The SuperDri lines in river/stream taper (old delta taper) are my faves for almost all of my singlehanded fishing, including indicator/big fly/lotta shot situations. The ECHO Sphere in streamer/nymph is also a good line, and has enough front-end mass to turn over the junkiest of setups. The ION is the line on my guest reels, and I think it is a great all-around taper for beginners and experienced anglers alike.
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  12. The new Super-dri series is the best thing going right now.

    However, I cannot stand the color "hot coral". Really Rajeff?! Hot coral?

    Drives me crazy, this is the 3rd year of hot coral and I can't fathom why it's still here.

    "People need to see so they can mend". What, are they mending their line from space?!

    It's ridiculous! I hope Tim reads this and responds because I demand answers!!!
  13. I thought that is what they made transparent leaders for?
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  14. If you went to New Zealand with your hot coral the guides would laugh at you. Period, end of story.

    Dirty water, sure, it doesn't matter. Gin clear, it matters. Go fish a spring creek with your hot coral line and 6x Tippet. Good luck with that.

    OMJ gets a pass, the guys 137 years old. ;)

    The mend is a great line too, makes me sad.
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  15. No style points?

    Tough crowd!

    Chances of me going to New Zealand are nill. So the guides will have to entertain themselves otherwise. Perhaps alcohol will lighten the mood down under.
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  16. Only take half of what I say seriously....
  17. :D

    What about the other half ? :D
  18. Psychotic deranged out-of-his-mind angling fool.
  19. Yeah, but talking with you guys brightens up the day. :)
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  20. I thot that one of those Airflo lines was OPTIC GREEN.


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