Echo Dec Hogan II?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Shaun Martin, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Anyone tried the Dec Hogan II line yet? If so, how is the second version different? I'm curious about the 6.5...

    Many thanks!
  2. He had one with him at occupy this past Sat. I didn't try it but double spey did, don't know if he haunts these digs anymore...but he said he was very impressed with it...I think Bob Triggs said he has one coming so maybe that's who you can ask?
  3. Thanks! I'll keep reaching out. I appreciate the some point I'll just try it out myself. Just curious about the differences between the original and DH II.
  4. The rods should be available by the end of April. It is my understanding that they crispened the action of the tip section on the DH II. There are also some pretty cool cosmetic changes if I understand correctly.

    I'm looking forward to checking out the new DH II also.
  5. Dec has been intimately involved in the development of those rods. That was all that I needed to know about them. Looking forward to using mine.
  6. Yeah I'm sold. Just trying to decide between the 6.5 and 7 weights.
  7. Too bad there's not a 4wt offered.
  8. We just got the 6.5, 7, and 8 weights. Going to test cast one in the a.m. They do feel a little crisper in the tip and I like the cosmetics a little bit better, but no huge changes there.
  9. Looking forward to a review if you don't mind. Heard good things so far! Thanks.
  10. I cast a 510 Skagit Compact (Airflo) on 6.5 this morning. VERY easy. Loaded quickly without any effort and withstood my attempts to rush and overpower it pretty darn well. It seemed, like you would have to put some effort into screwing up with this one. Casters who are very quick or really overpower could throw tailing loops, but not as easily as on the first versions.
    It through a medium sized fly and 12' of t-11 quite well.
  11. Nice! Thanks for the review. I wasn't sure if you all were getting them, so I ordered one before your post. Just got it today. I'll be in the market for a reel though! What did you have on to balance it out? Would a guru 4 be too big?
  12. No, A guru 4 would be about the right size and weight. (We still have 2 #4's left in black).
    I was using an ARX 3.5 and that was good too.
  13. I love that reel! Super sweet addition to the WWL lineup.
  14. I want one!
  15. We were running an Airflo Skagit Compact 480 on the 6.5 and thought it cast extremely well. I like the DH 7 A LOT. We had an Airflo 510 Skagit Compact and 510 Switch on the DH7. The Switch was solid but I felt the 510 Skagit Compact made that rod sing. It handled 10' of T14 well. Wow! It did not like the Airflo Sink 7 - 7/8 tip as well.
  16. The 6.5 really liked that 6/7 hardy short belly (55') line.
  17. I have the DH II 7 and a 540 Skagit Compact or 540 Skagit Switch on it and it handles it pretty sweetly I prefer the Switch in the 540 grain...I fished it this summer on the Kenaktok in AK for salmon and had no problem landing silvers 12-20lbs...I'd really like to get my hands on the 510 switch and compact to add to my head collection as I've heard that head really make's this rod come alive!!
  18. Have the original DH and tried the DH2.
    Only thing I noticed was a tad faster tip action on the latter.
  19. I think I'm going to be looking for a new setup this Spring. Looks like I should check this one out. Most of my Spey casting is done on the Methow and Wenatchee, but i'd really like to come over to Vampireland and have a go at some fresh-off-the-ocean steelhead. I suppose I should look at an 8-wt, or would you go a little higher?
  20. 8wt should be fine for Washington.....i consider the 9+ weights AK sticks for those HUGE kings....unfortunately I missed king season at the camp I worked at AK West this year but the chums fight like a SOB and my 7 weight handled them and the silvers just brother has the 8 weight and thats what he uses on the OP....I got the 7 I wanted to b able to use it for summer steelhead and not be way over gunned and also cuz I plan on getting a 9-10 for AK next summer which I will be there for king season...

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