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  1. I picked up a Echo solo outfit last year for a $149 in a 5 wt. from Big R Fly shop in Montana. Only thing I have changed on it, is the reel. The line would slip between the reel and spool. The reel would flex, or I'm just a bad novice at casting. I sold it (reel no line) on ebay for $18 and got a Ross there for $28. It Has been a nice set up, I miss it, I'm now testing the warranty on it. It was shut in truck door by a sudden wind gust, almost made it a 7 piece rod.
    I sent it in with the $35 fee and how it was broken. I got it back 11 days later, with the invoice that said "Rod tip replaced". That was about the only thing that was not broken. So I called Rajeff Sports and asked if what happened was not covered. The lady said it was cover ed, and asked for invoice number. I gave it to her and she looked it up, and asked about the damage to the rod. Said I would get a new rod but they were out of stock for that wt, so she could not ship one that day. She sent a call tag to UPS and they picked up the broken rod from me the next day. 6 days later I had a new rod with another new case on my door step.
    Thanks Rajeff Sports
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  2. They are awesome rods for the money, I recently sold my 5wt and regret it. Glad to head the customer service is just as great as the rods they sell.
  3. It's great that you got a new rod, but the initial confusion doesn't inspire confidence in the company's warranty claim process.
  4. The Rajeff crew will take care of you.

    They are THE BEST when it comes to customer service, and warranty issues..

    And I will fight anyone who says otherwise. :)

    Seriously, they are top notch, and their product is too.
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  5. Glad to hear you had a good experience. I don't think I've ever read about anyone getting the shaft from those guys. I don't mind so much when someone screws up (I've yet to screw up so I'm not sure what it's like, I'm just very understanding I guess) if they rectify it in a reasonable fashion and time frame.
  6. Place me in the camp of using their awesome service.. I drive up there because I am close.. they are amazing.
  7. Not sure how but had a stripper guide ceramic chip on my 10'6wt. They sent me new rod. Sent broken rod on a monday and had new one on friday!
  8. Alright Gamby....time to throw down!
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  9. dont make me take the gloves off bro... :)

    I will need a step ladder though... and a Gamby Sandwich.
  10. The machining is so tight on the lugs that lock the spool in place that it is quite common to have customers call with the line slipping between the reel and spool when they have taken it apart and not lined up the lugs properly. Quick explanation and they have it fixed.

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  11. I had exceptional service with my 2 wt. I broke the rod tip trying to dislodge an ELC in the limbs, dumb move, especially on a 2wt. My father took the rod in for me because he lives in Vancouver, WA and was visiting my home in Puyallup. I had the rod with a new tip on my doorstep within 2 DAYS of my dad dropping off the broken rod. Excellent customer service. I would definitely buy another Echo. Love the 2 rods I own.

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