echo sr 3106

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  1. anyone use this rod for swinging streamers for trout? looking to line with 4, 5 or maybe 6 wt ambush or outbound. any information on this rod appreciated.


  2. Check with Mike Sturza at Lost Creek Fly Shop in Onalaska. He sells Echo rods and I'm sure he can get you set up with the right line.
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  3. I got the 4wt I like it dont expect it to be a line a chucker tho
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  4. Testing with Rio Outbounds and Rio Grands we did not like very much. We did like the Ambush WF4 with a 7' trout Versileader for single and double handed spey casts and overhead casts. With the WF5 and 6
    ambush two handed skagit casts would move larger flies than the WF4 ambush but heavy and heavier overhead.

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  5. Confluence Fly Shop in Bellingham has one of these on the rack. It's tempting.
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  6. after buyuong the the switch I believe its.more convenient and just as effective to single hand ambysh
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  7. I've had it for a couple of months now--I use it for beach fishing. I can't speak for the Ambush or Outbound, but I've lined it with the 275, 300 and 325 RIO Skagit Max Short, tipped with a 10' Airflo Intermediate poly leader. Based on the Ambush's specs, that would translate to an Ambush 7 (265 gr) or 8 (290 gr) or maybe a cut back 9 (since it's 350).

    I personally like the 325 the best, but I tend to lean toward the upper side of a rod's grain window and am always throwing weighted flies like clousers, snot darts, etcs.

    Hope that helps.
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  8. wiggled the one you guys had in the shop, feels awesome, trying to decide between 3 and 4 wt now.

    Thank you everyone for replies

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