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  1. I apologize in advance -- I'm looking for a handout. I have always put in the time to explore and figure out things on my own, but this is a unique situation.

    I'm going on a family trip in august that will have us one night in Fernie BC. I'd like to spend a paltry 2 to 4 hours on the Elk, in a spot where wading (and & some catching on a dry) is possible, exposing my kids to river dry fly fishing. If you can recommend a such a spot that we can drive up to, try out some wading (wadeable by 9 & 11 year olds) or bank fishing, could you send me a pm? not looking for your secret spots, just some guidance on what stretches of/access to the river we should consider that meet our criteria. scenery a plus.

    also - if you know of a guide who would do a half day float (in p.m.) and doesn't break the bank, I'd consider that.

    thanks in advance, joe
  2. By August there should be lots of wading water available. You can google for shops in Fernie and they're all pretty good. Most guides don't aren't too excited about a half day when they are on one of the best rivers in bc and hope to be booked full. Since the sun sets late. you might talk a guide into a late half day after they get in from a full day trip, especially if you buy their dinner and serve it riverside!
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  3. I can send you a PM with the spot I frequent every year. It has never let me down and used to take my youngest boy there.

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  4. It is an awesome fishery, one I have only managed to make out to twice so far in my life, yet I live in the same province (its a bloody big province...)

    Here are some pics from last weekend.



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  5. There's access and easy wading a mile or two upstream from Elkford, and various places farther upstream, as the road gets rougher.
    Also probably around the bridge in Elkford.
  6. Does this river in B.C. have regulations that would look "special" to us down here:
    like, must purchase a pass for the day you fish, or must use a local guide?
  7. Yes a special $20 per day access fee on top of the license. Worth every red cent. In my, and others, opinion.

    I have done it several times just for 4 or 5 hours.
  8. Might consider Michel Creek(Elk trib).. it's right there and there are no safety/access issues/challenges. Wading is a breeze and plenty of nice fish. Open enough for kids and fly casting too.
  9. Michel Creek also has a classified waters fee attached = $20 or so.
  10. Much thanks for the responses! looking forward to it ... wish i had more time there!

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