Elwha River's Former Lake Mills Pics

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ron McNeal, Mar 4, 2014.

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  2. Thanks Ron, been trying to keep up on this but haven't lately, amazing !!! Oh, how I miss that upper river !!!!

  3. yoohoo what dam is next
  4. I imagine that a lot more of the silt will be moving with the rain we have had and the stuff that is coming.
  5. I wonder how much gold washed down the river to lay in all that silt.
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  6. I wonder when the first kayak or raft descent will be, like after they blew Condit on the White Salmon. Seems like it took a few weeks for a major jam to break up and free; then kayakers and rafters were floating through the old Northwestern reservoir and past the dam site.
  7. I'm sure that the gold bugs are dyin' to get at it! A local I know who pans the local rivers told me he found a few small nuggets recently, but of course he wouldn't say which river he was on. Its just a hobby for him.
  8. Thanks for the link, Ron. I've been checking the cams on the dam removal blog a couple of times per week.
  9. It took quite a long time to remove the silt from when they took that dam out on the Clark fork. They moved it in Railroad cars up to around Warm Springs.
  10. Hey Mark- Me too. Some of my very best fly fishing experiences (where water, scenery, weather and wild fish all came together to provide wonderfully perfect fly fishing memories) occurred between Cat Creek & the Lake Mills delta. Sure would be nice to have videos of at least a couple of 'em.....

    Oh well, Life's Good!!

    If I had to check out today, I'd consider myself a very lucky guy to have had those opportunities.
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