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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. I was going to wait until they got here, but I never can keep a secret that long. Chris graciously let me put together two patches for the members (or anyone who wants to pay for one).
    The logo is right off the header of the site and the Team Rugged was my idea. Team Rugged original members from the Chopaka trip will get one on me. The rest should be obtained from attendance on Team Rugged trips.
    They should be here in 2 or 3 weeks, until then the proof is below.
    Suggestions on how to distribute these is appreciated, SASE seems to be the best idea I have so far.


    Truth above all
  2. NICE!!! Here is my input. We should implement rules and regulations, just like fishing, as to the recipients of the second patch though. Restrictions such as:

    Must be an overnight excursion or a lengthy expedition
    No Noodling
    And certainly NO BEST WESTERN rooms

    :7 :7 :7

    im just kiddin around...everyone should get one that has a sheep skin...that should be the only rule!

    ~Patrick ><>
  3. That was Baaa-aaa-aaaD!

  4. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    Being that Mac has a sheep skin are you sure that the Sheep isn't still in it.:smokin :beer1

    Just one more of Mac's friends:beathead

  5. Well, from my bench, I have always thought that Team Rugged should be renamed Team Drunken :beer2 especially in light of the line of bottles :beer1 that the gang displayed. And sleeping anywhere after drinking that much takes the rugged out of the game. Folks that consume that much booze will sleep anywhere, and not just in a car or tent.

    Being rugged implies that one can handle what is given to them at full value, not just in a numb to the gills manner.

    In that light, I would be glad to lead a Team Really Rugged adventure, but booze and Best Westerns will be frowned upon. I suspect that the gang won't need a patch to remember the trip, as they will have their memories intact. :thumb

    In all cases, however, I would love to get a WFF patch.

  6. That was all Whitey's alcohol...no one else had any at all to drink.....and I think Bart bought it for him since YT is underage ;).

    You are dead on when you talk about ruggedness, but lets not put everyone else in the same sissy boat as Mac because he messed up once. I believe he is truly rugged and some day will prove his worthiness.

    Down to the point of this post though: Thanks a ton to Chris and Roper for the time and efforts you have spent, both on the patch work and this site. It makes for an awesome resource, both online and off.

    Thanks fellas. :thumb :thumb :thumb

    ~Patrick ><>
  7. Rugged beginnings

    The original post of October 13th on the Chopaka trip was what started the Team Rugged thread. It was colder than a *&#%!! out there, but they fished on. The thread continues and evolves with time. Booze is never the main ingredient, although it recieves a good deal of conversation. All the guys I met at the Ford are OK in my book and I don't even drink. I thought it would be fun to play on the thread and generate some desire to have more Team Rugged outings.
    It was never a call to testosterone rating. It doesn't matter whose Rugged is more rugged, just that we get together and have fun fishing.
    So where is Team Really Rugged's first outing?

    ;-) ;-) :eek

  8. Team Ruggedness explained


    You've got it wrong, and here's why. MacRowdy doesn't drink. Whitey doesn't drink--much. It was 15 degrees that night at Chopaka. Thus, they qualify under your standards of "Really Rugged." Chris and I, well, let's just say, we don't qualify--at least that night we didn't qualify to be "Really Rugged." Your definition of ruggedness should be adjusted. I'll try to explain in a method of "Extreme Ruggedness."

    You have to guage the necessity of drinking to the situation. Are you doing something stupid like sharing a body of water with more than 10 rods? Then you have to realize that you're degrading the communing with nature..(insert existential nature experience philosophy here)..which is a necessary part of a fly fishing trip. You then realize, heh, you blew it, and picked a spot that's more popular than a feathered mullet in Centralia. There's nothing better to do. Face it, your screwed. You might as well crack into a 6-er of micros followed by a 6-er of Busch Light.

    However, when going to a secret squirrel location or a known body of water at a time when fish are really vulnerable, NOBODY DRINKS. The situation does not call for it. It requires concentration, good presentation, oh yeah, and tobacco products. Lots of tobacco products.

    By the way, we sleep in the cold on those nights, too.
    So, not every trip requires the necessity of micro beer and Busch Light. :professor


    Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
    (Sir Izaak Walton)
  9. Team Ruggedness explained

    Well, being a non-drinking memeber of the fraternity, I have to say that I am relieved, as the Rugged boys don't seem like such a nutty bunch any more.

    But for really rugged, I might suggest a traverse of the Crest trail from Stevens to Snoqualmie, fishing the alpine lakes. It's only 70 miles of hiking, taking 7 to 10 days.

  10. Team Ruggedness explained

    Unless you're King Kong and carry 50 lbs like it's 25, I'd be interested in hearing your packing list. I do the Elwha upper reaches each year and I need to drop some lbs if I'm going to keep it up at 50 YO.
    Do you bother with a tent?


    Truth above all
  11. Team Ruggedness explained

    I guess I will never live down the drunkeness at the Ford. I have often thought about the traverse on the crest from stevens to Sno. I've done part of it, In the Catherdral rock area. I totally wished I had a rod with me. I better start the adkins diet today if I plan on doing the whole 70 mile trek.:eek YT
  12. Niiiice:thumb . Bart
  13. Roper, You are the king!

  14. Of course I want one,
    but I don't know if Im rugged enough...
    Would sitting here,
    reading every single post
    and every single thread,
    several times a week,
    for hours at a time,
    qualify as rugged?
  15. Nope. The new standard is the Crest Trail.

    shape up or huff. In the end, you will be in shape.

  16. AHH THE BACK COUNTRY - Name the time - Here is one candidate - I am all over that like white on rice!!!!!! Thats the STANDARD!!!!!

  17. Looks good.

  18. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    That's easy for you to say but what about us old people that want to be part of it all. My knees dictate to me as how far I can walk,and up hill is not the thing that they want me to do. I guess I need to get an honorery(sp) patch as old as I am.

  19. Hey Old Man, is that honorary or ornery? Enquiring minds want to know.


  20. The thrill is not in the kill---But to let them go.

    Take your pick I could go either way depending on the mood I'm in at the time.:p :p :p


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